You can guess. Or you can know with A/B and multivariate testing.

With the help of Adobe Target, you can know which experiences make not only web, but all your critical customer touchpoints, better. Use our A/B and multivariate testing to find the best experience to offer your customers faster.

The more things change, the more you need to test.

Customers are people, and people change. Because of this, your business can never remain idle or rest on the laurels of past success. Your customers constantly evolve and competitors emerge and improve.

So the pressure is on to keep a pulse on what’s working and what’s not, certainly on your website, but also across your whole customer experience. And while no one knows your business better than you do, you’re still going to have biases and blind spots that may interfere with your ability to see changes to your experience that you need to make.

This is where optimization through detailed and constant testing helps keep you honest. And while focusing on your website is a good place to start, today, that’s probably not good enough. Your customers aren’t limited to the web, and you shouldn’t be either. Because the truth is, testing through any channel is liberating. It removes pressure from you, hoping that your gut instinct perfectly aligns with the latest whims of your customers. You can just observe them. Give them choices and see what they do — with unbiased, factual, and real-time tests. Get insights about everything from your overall experience layout down to the color of the button your customers click. The way you’ll know what’s best is by asking and letting the results roll in.

Adobe can help.

We know that you want to optimize your customers’ experiences. We also know that for a lot of marketers, conducting A/B and multivariate tests is a daunting and complicated process, so it’s easy to keep your focus on the web.

But Adobe Target helps take the complexity out of the testing process, not just on your website, but across all of your digital channels. We make it something that you can do constantly without it being overwhelming. As part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Target is also designed to complement your other digital marketing efforts — letting the test results inform other marketing efforts, and letting data and other insights inform the tests you run.

Adobe Target lets you decide if you want to run A/B tests or multivariate tests. You create test variations by selecting and swapping out, modifying, or dragging and dropping content. Serve the test to all visitors, an audience you define, an existing audience from Adobe Target, or a shared audience from Adobe Experience Cloud. Select your metrics for success, set your sample size, and launch the test. Adobe Target walks you through each step, so there’s no question about how to do it. It tells you which combination works best, and how much each element contributed to the winning experience. When your test concludes, review your results, understand with confidence how each element contributed to the winning experience, and serve the best experience to the entire audience.

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“Using attribution data, we’re working toward predictive analysis that will allow us to find an ideal distribution for budget across campaigns and channels.”

Alexander Gaertner, Head of Digital Analytics, DER Touristik

Travel customers expect a highly personalised experience from start to finish. To meet that expectation, DER Touristik is taking control of their data to create better user experiences — and generate greater returns.


A/B and multivariate testing features

A/B testing

A/B test your whole experience, including images, copy, UI, and more, to find the winning experience. The rigorous testing approach in Target is designed to test multiple variations across web, mobile app, IoT, and more on both the client and server sides.

Multi-armed bandit testing

Automatically allocate traffic to the most successful experience earlier for increased conversion and revenue.

Multivariate testing

Test multiple elements simultaneously — including image, layout, background color, copy, and so on — to not only find the most effective combination, but to understand which elements are contributing the most to customer success.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Target can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Target can do for your business.