Omnichannel personalization creates omnichannel loyalty.

We help you build profiles, and then use them to give personalized, cross-channel, and engaging experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.

Break down data silos and build up meaningful personalization.

Customer expectations have changed. If you serve them a generic, one size doesn’t fit all experience, they’ll resist. And they’ll leave.

That’s why you have to reach across all marketing touchpoints to serve the right, targeted experience. To show your customers that you know who they are — or who they want to be. To give them relevant recommendations, offers that resonate, and personalized journeys that lead them to the satisfying destinations.

The problem is, you may not be equipped to build that kind of experience. You gather data from all of your channels, but data remains siloed, each set giving you only a partial view of each customer. You lack the technology to stitch insights together and use these holistic profiles to give one-to-one, personalized experiences. So, ultimately, your customers head for greener, more personalized pastures.

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Adobe can help.

We know that you want to connect with your customers — and keep people coming back. That’s why we give you the tools to know your customers, and then cater to them at an individual level, in every channel, at every step along their journey with you.

Before you can cater to a customer, you have to understand what makes them tick. You have to understand the journey they take to get to you. Do they come to you through search? Or are they part of your social media community? Do they open your emails? Click on your offers? How often do they access your app?

We help you gather this information and use it to build a profile for each customer that gets better with every interaction. And it doesn’t matter which touchpoints or channels they use. Every time a visitor interacts with your brand, their profile grows, making more complicated personalization easier than ever.  

Adobe Target helps put the right mix of automation and control in your hands, allowing you to take full advantage of all customer behavior data, while deploying strategies that help you meet your business goals. Our personalization engine lets you deliver personalized content based on a combination of rules-based and machine learning approaches. And our personalization approach uses algorithms to determine the right digital experience to serve an individual in real-time — regardless of where that interaction takes place.

No two consumers are exactly alike. With the right data and right tools pulled together in Adobe Target, you’ll show each customer the experience they’re looking for across all channels.

Success stories


See how Sky UK runs 600+ campaigns each month using Adobe Campaign to orchestrate messages across email, direct mail, mobile, and push notifications.

Keeping customers happy in a competitive market by delivering highly relevant experiences across channels.

Omnichannel personalization features

One-click personalization

Tap into powerful AI — using one click to activate testing and personalization — to find the best-performing experience for each visitor.

Rules-based personalization

Tailor experiences based on browser or device type, brand affinity, whether visitors are new or returning, or any existing profile data you have at your disposal. Build your own rules to drive personalization across different touchpoints.

Behavioral targeting

Target based on behavior like previous visit patterns, product interests, searches, purchases, campaign exposure, and campaign responses, as well as if a visitor is a new or return visitor, or if they’re a prospect or already a customer. Use this information to launch more effective campaigns.

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