Product recommendations

Use powerful AI-driven algorithms and a flexible design framework to automatically promote, weight, and filter product recommendations throughout the customer journey, all from an intuitive interface without help from IT.

Your recommendation engine just got a serious upgrade.

Driving engagement and conversion in today’s cluttered marketplace means staying one step ahead of your customers. By accurately understanding what they want, you can anticipate their needs and offer products that  to maximize cross-sell and upsell conversions. But a good recommendation is more than simply putting a related product on a page. To make a really good recommendation, you need deep customer knowledge. But you also need to integrate the recommendation into the design of your experience so it stands out naturally instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

With product recommendations in Adobe Target, you have complete control over every aspect of your recommendation engine. From the rules that power the algorithms to the recommendations look to your ability to test different options, Target gives you everything you need to make recommendations that matter.

Our AI-driven algorithms are way ahead of the market and we give you plenty to choose from. For example, with collaborative filtering, you recommend products based on how others with similar behavior have acted. Or with content similarity, you can recommend products based on metadata, which makes it easy to recommend even new products. And with these algorithms, and many others, you have complete control of the algorithm. Set business rules to guide how they work, override them for special promotions, or test them against each other to see what works best.

Then, take control of the output. No more awkward recommendation templates that don’t match your site. With Adobe Target, you can customize your recommendations so they match any experience in any channel perfectly. And you can change them in real-time. With product recommendations, cross-selling and upselling are a breeze.

See what makes it work.

Intelligent algorithms
No black box here. Use powerful AI-driven algorithms — to which you have complete access to modify with robust business rules —  to cross-sell and upsell recommendations across screens. All powered by Adobe Sensei.

Marketer control
Promote, demote, weight, and filter recommendations from an intuitive interface. And you can do it without help from IT.

Built-in A/B testing
Continually monitor recommendation results. View visits, clicks, and purchases with conversion lift data through the reporting interface.

Design that fits your brand
Wherever recommendations appear, you can use customizable templates to align them with your brand’s look and feel.

Flexible catalog
Import millions of products into a scalable, searchable catalog index.

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Find the needle.

Recommendation activities automatically display products or content that’s likely to inspire visitors to act. Find out what it can do for you in our Help section.

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Get answers about recommendations.

Learn more about recommendations in this FAQ in our Help section.

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