Intelligent asset automation — a smarter way to work.

Asset automation uses AI and machine learning to cut the time spent on tedious tasks like tagging, cropping, and adapting assets for every channel and device. Take advantage of intelligent microservices that turn complex tasks into easy, automated workflows, letting you transform and enhance digital assets at scale. 

Tag, trim, and translate in a couple of clicks.

Just click to tag, trim, translate, and transform

Adobe understands that asset-related processes like metadata tagging, cropping, and keyword translation make delivering content at scale labor-intensive. That’s why we made Experience Manager Assets more than a simple search-and-find repository — it's a content engine that uses industry-leading AI to automate many workflows, doing seconds, what typically takes hours or days.

Assets automatically tags, crops, and manipulates images and video, adapting them for cross-channel delivery. It also eliminates tedious metadata entry by tagging business-specific keywords typically missed by other algorithms. Assets also translates search terms, allowing users to enter a keyword in one language and get results in another, instantly.

Assets is also the only DAM that plugs into Adobe Creative Cloud microservices. These extensible microservices help get content to market faster by automating common production workflows, such as asset ingestion and rendition generation.

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Adobe can help.

Adobe can help

With Custom Smart Tags and a native AI engine, Adobe Experience Manager Assets is the smartest DAM available. It’s powered by Adobe Sensei technology, with advanced algorithms and machine learning, so the more data the technology is exposed to, the more it learns and adapts. With our massive volume of content and data assets to draw upon, we help you save time, discover hidden assets, and deliver great experiences faster.

“What used to take us a week can now happen in 20 minutes with Adobe Experience Manager. We have the control to make changes when the market demands, allowing us to be much more agile as a team.”


Kamran Shah, Director of Corporate Marketing, Silicon Labs

Asset automation features

Smart tagging

Powered by Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning, our smart tags tool understands an asset's content to automatically tag it with intelligent, business-specific keywords.

Smart crop

Eliminate tedious editing jobs with smart crop, an automated process that detects the focal point of and image or video an automatically crops to it using AI powered by Adobe Sensei.

Asset microservices

Add thousands of assets to your DAM in just minutes and then output them in any format, using intelligent, cloud-native microservices that transform, enhance, and automate digital asset management at scale.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.