Dynamic Media

Manage and publish dynamic digital experiences — a feature unique to Experience Manager Assets. Our framework and suite of components allow marketers to customize and deliver interactive, multimedia experiences across all devices.

All kinds of rich media. Optimized for all kinds of screens.

File size has historically been one of the biggest bottlenecks for ensuring the smooth delivery of immersive experiences. Each device and channel has its own specifications, which means if you want your rich media to be viewed the way you designed it, every experience has to be adapted for every platform. It’s exhausting just thinking about the effort required.  

Dynamic media lets you take advantage of intelligent media transformation and delivery. It operates from one master file, which allows it to seamlessly create unlimited versions of an asset automatically for any media. Smart imaging technology automatically detects the available bandwidth and device type to dramatically minimize image file size by up to 70 percent upon delivery, with no loss in visual fidelity — ensuring smooth, quick loading experiences that drive conversion.

See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.

Dynamic imaging
Use one master file to auto-generate and publish unlimited versions of images. These images are treated with image sharpening automatically upon delivery. Change size, format, resolution, crop, or effect. It operates from one master file, which allows it to seamlessly create unlimited versions of an asset automatically for any media.

Shoppable and interactive media
Build and deploy interactive elements to make video shoppable, such as using interactive hotspots to quickly link product detail into campaigns, lookbooks, and other media.

Dynamic video
Implement automated transcoding and delivery in which full-size video is auto-sized for all screens, and adaptively streamed to ensure a consistent and quality user experience.

Hotspot functionality
Enhance channel-agnostic interactions by adding clickable hotspots to assets that link to rich experiences, such as maps or product information pop-ups.

Learn more about dynamic media in Adobe Experience Manager Assets.

Explore the power of dynamic media.

Explore the power of dynamic media.

Discover all of the features of dynamic media, from creating dynamic imaging to delivering personalized media experiences. 

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Dive into the action.

See zero-effort transcoding and delivery in effect and how it delivers a consistent, quality user experience in our tutorial video. 

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Robust video support

Automatically deliver the right video quality to the right device and bandwidth — SD or HD — and meet any need, quality, size, or experience without relying on IT.

Smart crop

Eliminate tedious editing jobs with smart crop, an automated process that detects the focal point of and image or video an automatically crops to it using AI powered by Adobe Sensei.

Experience fragment management

Reuse channel-agnostic interactive experiences consistently across screens by using dynamic media capabilities to supercharge experiences fragments from Experience Manager Sites.