Serve many screens with a single asset using rich media delivery

Deliver great content across all screens and devices with the only DAM that offers rich media delivery, technology that automates the creation of unlimited variations of rich media from a single piece of content. With this, you can rapidly adapt, compose, and deliver dynamic multimedia experiences with speed and impact.

Create one multimedia experience, deliver countless versions

This isn’t about producing great multimedia content. It’s about adapting and delivering it to all the places your customers are looking. That means creating versions for smart phones, tablets, and desktops. High bandwidth and low bandwidth channels. With interactivity and without. 

It’s a time-consuming process when done manually. Plus, all of those different versions clutter up your DAM. But with technology that automates the process, you can deliver video to any channel or device without relying on IT or having to store multiple versions of the same asset. 

With rich media delivery, you can even add interactivity for more immersive experiences and product spotlights. And you can reuse experience fragments for interactivity across a variety of screens. So every viewing experience feels like it was custom created.

Adobe can help

Adobe Experience Manager Assets is the only enterprise DAM that manages and delivers dynamic digital experiences with unprecedented speed. Our suite of features allows you to start with one multimedia experience, automate the highly technical processes of adapting it for any device, quality-level, or screen size, then personalize the experience with interactivity and dynamically deliver it.

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“Our website is moving to shorter, snackable content and more visual elements such as videos. Adobe Experience Manager is inspiring us to rethink digital content delivery and become an agile, forward-thinking company.”

Dave DeMaria, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Synopsys

Rich Media Delivery Features

Dynamic media

Manage and publish dynamic digital experiences with our unique framework of components that allow you to customize and deliver interactive, multimedia experiences across devices.

Experience fragment management

Reuse channel-agnostic interactive experiences consistently across screens by using dynamic media capabilities to supercharge experiences fragments from Experience Manager Sites.

Robust video support

Automatically deliver the right video quality to the right device and bandwidth — SD or HD — and meet any need, quality, size, or experience without relying on IT.