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Adobe GenStudio Features: Coming Soon


Use generative AI to help ingest and process marketing campaign briefs and ensure content stays aligned to campaign strategy and goals. GenStudio gives you one interface to create campaigns, standardize personas, align and refresh assets, and get approvals.

Campaign object

Allow GenAI to ingest unstructured campaign documents that describe your strategy, target audience, goals, and more into a structured campaign object with associated metadata. This lets you easily align content to your campaigns and ensure consistent tracking and execution. And less data entry means more time for marketers to focus on strategic work.

Campaign documents in GenStudio
Campaign calendar

Campaign calendar

Cross-functional teams can stay informed on campaign plans, timelines, and status through easy visualizations, including campaign calendar with automated task notifications.


GenStudio helps teams maintain quality by linking the campaign interface to the approval workflow. Stakeholders can send comments and approvals on content. This makes it easy to verify quality and lets marketers maintain control over asset approval before activation. And because all content from GenStudio is stored in the content hub, you can maintain governance on asset usage and distribution.

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