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Adobe GenStudio Features: Coming Soon

Content hub

GenStudio gives you AI-powered content capabilities that let teams easily find, edit, remix, and distribute approved assets. It empowers marketers to quickly repurpose and reuse assets to build new experiences. Generative AI also frees creative teams from tedious and repetitive asset-related tasks.

Manage assets

Leveraging our industry-leading digital asset management technology, GenStudio gives your teams a user-friendly interface to manage all your content. It allows your entire organization to easily search, filter, share, and download approved content. Marketers can easily access campaign-approved assets and update them within the brand guardrails in a single, seamless workflow. Upload your assets from any content repository or automatically import them from Adobe Experience Manager Assets to populate GenStudio.

Content portal for campaign images
Text generation for web banner, paid digital and homepage

Adobe Express integration

Harness the power of Adobe Express to easily adapt and repurpose existing content. Teams can use simple text prompts to generate and edit images to create something completely new or to repurpose an existing asset, right in the content portal. Locked templates ensure brand elements — such as position, format, color, and fonts — are enforced. Team members can also use AI to create brand-trained copy and automatically resize images to fit content specifications.

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Asset controls

Be confident teams only use assets approved by brand and legal teams. Designed for enterprise content needs, GenStudio comes with asset governance and digital-rights management capabilities, including access, permissions, and controls for creators.

In addition to generating content trained on your brand and voice guidelines, GenStudio also flags content that violates guidelines.

GenStudio prompt and content output example for a car company