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Email campaigns

Adobe GenStudio helps marketers and agencies quickly plan and create email content that can be activated through native integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud products or exported to third-party apps, as well as optimized for performance.

How GenStudio helps you deliver great email campaigns.

This screenshot shows the Adobe GenStudio user interface view of the campaign overview panel, which shows functionality options for brand kits, timelines, assets, insights, and briefs. The example campaign view includes the email description, objective, tasks, personas, and products.

Step 1

Create your brief with objectives and target audience.

In GenStudio you can centralize campaign planning, brief creation, and align content to campaign strategy. You can easily upload an email campaign brief and use generative AI to extract important campaign data like target audiences and campaign objectives from the brief to ensure workflows and email content are aligned to the campaign priorities.

Step 2

Review existing email content and identify gaps.

In GenStudio you can find, share, and reuse approved assets. You can easily see all approved email assets within GenStudio and filter to select approved ones associated with your campaign. You can quickly determine if you have all the email content you need for your campaign or if you want to create additional assets to complete all the steps in your journey.

This is a screenshot of the Adobe GenStudio user interface content overview panel, which shows functionality options for all assets, experiences, templates, and drafts. The example “all assets” content view includes search capability and content filters by campaign, channel, region, keywords, time period, asset type, file format, last modified, and uploaded by criteria.
This screenshot of the Adobe GenStudio user interface content panel shows variant options for campaigns, brands, personas, and products with generative AI prompts, assets, and reference options. An example shows the email content mockup preview based on variable configurations alongside additional alternatives.

Step 3

Repurpose existing assets, build net new emails and personalize.

As a marketer, GenStudio allows you to quickly generate high performing, on-brand email content with generative AI. Using your own brand-approved, HTML email templates, you can assemble existing assets to build the email you want or create a new one from scratch. Choose the brand, product and persona you’re targeting from dropdown menus and tailor your generative AI prompt so you can produce an email that is relevant to your audience. Personalize it further with simple editing tools within GenStudio. You can also automatically generate multiple variants so you can deliver multiple emails for testing.

Step 4

Send for quality assurance and approvals.

Once you have finished editing, generative AI checks your email content and flags any brand issues based on your brand guidelines. When you’re done, simply submit for review and approval with the click of a button. Approved content is saved automatically to GenStudio.

This is a screenshot of the Adobe GenStudio content creation view, with previews of campaign assets for the email channel. The prompt generator is shown alongside a text-to-image command. AI Assistant suggestions are an option toggle beside multiple campaign variables and parameter options for brands, personas, products, and media.

Step 5

Execute campaigns.

Approved email content saved in GenStudio can be accessed directly in Adobe Journey Optimizer, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Marketo Engage. Native integration across Adobe tools makes searching for the right email easy thanks to AI powered metadata that is consistent across applications. Approved email content can also be distributed to third-party applications.

Within Adobe Journey Optimizer, Campaign or Marketo Engage you can configure specific email program rules and build campaign and audience tracking. Native integration between GenStudio and Journey Optimizer, Campaign and Marketo Engage means you can also import the emails for testing and quality assurance.

Step 6

Get reporting and insights.

Now that your email campaign is running, you can track campaign and content performance in GenStudio with built-in dashboards. Easily edit and remix email content based on performance or scale high-performing email content to other channels for greater impact.

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