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The Fearless Forum is designed to be a conversation with you, our amazing customers, where we share the latest Marketo Engage best practices, insights from our Marketo Engage Champions, along with tips and tricks you want to hear most about.


Edition 24: June 2022

Welcome to the 24th edition of the Fearless Forum. In this edition, meet one of our star Community Advisors and Marketo Engage Champion Darshil Shah, learn how to run system checks on your Marketo instance, catch up on our archive folder changes in our latest product release, and read several guides on what you should do when you inherit a Marketo instance, a Marketo Measure (Bizible) instance, and much more!

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2022 Experience Maker Awards: See the Finalists

We have lots of news to share about our 2022 Experience Maker Awards – including our bold Adobe Experience Maker Award Finalists. Want to see who made the list this year? Read our blog announcement to learn who was selected.

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Champion Spotlight – Darshil Shah

In this Champion Spotlight, we feature Darshil Shah, who is a Marketo Champion, Community Advisor, and Consultant at Deloitte.

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Marketo Database Health Check-up

A messy Marketo database can drain your investments and impact your ROI. Learn from Marketo Champion and Community Advisor on how to keep your marketing database clean, running data management campaigns and more.

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Dynamic Chat Deep Dive

Connect with Adobe Product experts as the answer the toughest questions around Dynamic Chat.

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Marketo Champion Office Hours

Join the members of the 2022 Marketo Engage Champions on June 9th at 8a PST where they’ll share their best practices, tips, and more in this live Q&A.

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Inherited a Marketo Instance?

Inheriting a Marketo instance can be a complex process. Review Darshil’s implementation guide and checklist to find any potential issues in your instance.

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Inherited a Marketo Measure (Bizible) Instance?

In this setup guide and template, Champion Kimberly Galitz reviews what you should be checking over and setting up before you dive in.

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Archive Folder Changes

In the May 2022 release of Adobe Marketo Engage, a number of context menu options were removed. Learn more in our product team’s Community post.

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How to keep the Marketo Engine Running Smooth

Read up on Champion Alumni Veronica Lazarovici’s System Checks programs, where she outlines a series of smart lists she uses to find errors in her database.

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Bulk API Quick Start Guide

In this extensive guide, Tyron outlines a step-by-step process on how to leverage the Marketo Bulk API function to pull data from your Marketo instance.

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Bizible is now Adobe Marketo Measure

Catch the official announcement on our rename change, why we did it, and what this means for the future of Marketo Measure.

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Champion Spotlight: Moni Oloyede

Welcome back to the Champion Spotlight series, where we speak…

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Marketo Success Series: Landing Pages

Read about Marketo Landing Pages, how to use them, the diff…

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Marketo Success Series: Forms

Deep dive with Marketo Engage Champions on how Forms can b…

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Champion Tips and Tricks with Kimberly Galitz

In this edition of the Champion Tips and Tricks series, we asked …

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Marketo Success Series: Reporting

Learn from Marketo Champion Jess Kao as she dives into how t…

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