A/B Testing

A/B test your whole experience, including images, copy, UI, and more, to find the winning experience. The rigorous testing approach in Adobe Target is designed to test multiple variations across web, mobile app, IoT, and more on both the client and server sides.

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You don’t have time for second best.

Testing is a critical piece of your optimization and personalization strategy. It helps ensure that you zero in on the experience that nudges customers to buy, read, download, or take whatever other action you want them to take to meet business goals.

With A/B testing using the visual experience composer in Adobe Target, tests are easy to design and run, but more importantly, you can run them through every channel — web, mobile, IoT, single-page apps, and more. And if running tests with only two variations is too limiting, we give you the the flexibility to run as many variations as you need without complicating the process. The end result? You can quickly and confidently determine the best experience — not one limited to a single channel — ensuring that your brand never stops delivering on what your customers love.


See what makes it work

Three-step guided workflow
Tap into an intuitive three-step guided workflow to set up your test, launch it, and discover what resonates with customers most.

Omnichannel support
With our visual experience composer, everyone can create a test for their website, mobile app, single-page app, and more. For more technical-savvy customers, our single delivery platform supports mobile SDK, server-side API, node.js environment for you to test on client side, server side, or both.

And this multi channel approach ties in with our customer profile features, so customer behaviors stored in a profile can guide which variations your customers see consistently across channels.

Beyond A and B
The statistical model behind Adobe Target allows customers to test unlimited variations. And with our multi-armed testing feature, we can dynamically drive the traffic to winning experiences faster.

Built for performance
Adobe Target delivers experiences through our global edge network, spanning several continents. It delivers multiple experiences to the visitor based on the visitor profile within a single server call in the visitor’s region, reducing the payload and providing enterprise-grade response time. For example, if the visitor is visiting from Asia, the data will be delivered from our network in Asia, providing a faster and better experience for the visitor.

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A/B testing is just the beginning.

Use the power of end-to-end A/B testing, and deliver bigger, better customer experiences every time.

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Avoid the pitfalls.

Learn more in our Help section about the nine common A/B testing pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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