We don't blame you if you couldn't sleep from all the excitement — we barely could either. Scroll down to discover when, how, and what consumers are spending money on this season, and use our findings to create the shopping experiences your customers want.


And now, the great revenue reveal.

See how revenue is being impacted and when consumers are spending the most this season.


The deals are hot this year. Click on each category to get a more detailed look at how online discounts are affecting consumer spending.


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Initial data covers Oct 1 - Nov 28, 2022.

Additional discounts

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Scroll down to uncover the data on how revenue is being impacted by consumer spending trends — including the devices they prefer to use, the hottest products of the season, as well as shipping and payment trends.

How much consumers are spending during the holiday season

Revenue dollars: 2020 vs. 2021 vs. forecast 2022.

Share of revenue by device type in dollars, to date

Oct 1 – Nov 28, 2022

Peek into the view of this year’s holiday orders.

The graphs below give a look into consumer orders and reveal how many items are included in each order and on what busy shopping days.

More insights to help you make the next magical commerce experience.

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