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If you're ready to make a culture of data, where insights are like oxygen and everyone acts on them in real time, then Adobe Analytics is ready for you.

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Adobe Analytics achieves a 224% ROI.

According to Forrester, Adobe Analytics offers you the chance to get triple-digit ROI.

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Al and machine learning

From attribution and predictive modeling to contribution analysis and propensity scoring, Adobe Analytics is immersed in machine learning and AI. For example, our Virtual Analyst feature — which is powered by Adobe Sensei — constantly monitors and analyzes your data and lets you know not just when an anomaly happens, but why.

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Better data collection and processing

No one else lets you integrate everything from web, email, and CRM to voice and connected car data as smoothly as we do. And our unique approach to processing lets you organize, clean, and prepare that data with lightning speed.

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Flexible data analysis

With our Analysis Workspace, analysts have our most powerful tools available at a click so they can create and curate reusable projects that are customized to their needs. This lets everyone in the company ask and answer any question in a beautiful, flexible environment.

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Advanced segmentation

We do segmentation better than anyone, especially when it comes to modeling personas and understanding how they compare. And we’re the only analytics vendor who lets you create an unlimited number of segments, then compare them to understand what’s working and what’s not.

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