Build experiences that dazzle without all the frazzle.

Adobe products work together to drive continuous insights and real-time engagement so you can connect, convert, and keep customers, no matter how big you plan to grow.

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Experiences on your customer’s terms. And proven scale on your terms.

Marketing and IT teams are both struggling against fragmented data, obscured insights, as well as growing privacy and security demands. This leads to organizations struggling to meet customers’ needs. Enter Adobe Experience Platform, the industry-leading technology that’s the backbone of our leading experience products — including Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe Real-Time CDP, and Adobe Journey Optimizer. Experience Platform is real-time. It’s omnichannel. And it uses embedded AI to give you the insights and ability to create connected, personalized experiences, all while keeping customer data safe and secure.

Here’s what the right foundation lets you do.

Continuously learn and optimize.

Surface relevant insights in real time to build a deep understanding of the customer and their needs in the moment.

Deliver impact in the moment.

Deliver impactful and engaging experiences through the right channels when customers need them most.

Know and respect customers.

Understand customer privacy preferences and protect them across systems and workflows.

Build personalization campaigns that build better results.

  1. Intelligent reengagement
  2. No-churn campaigns
  3. Conversion optimization
  4. Contextual recognition
  5. Lifetime value
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Abandoned cart campaigns are all the same. It’s time to make them personal.

Abandoned cart campaigns typically only account for the singular event and bombard customers with repetitive “did you forget something?” messages. ​Adobe lets you intelligently and responsibly re-engage customers with personalized experiences based on real-time online and offline events as well as customer attributes and behaviors.

  • Identify and analyze abandonment using all relevant behavioral, attribute, and preference data in minutes, not months.
  • Design experiences using advanced models such as propensity to re-engage, past purchase behavior, and real-time actions.
  • Personalize one-to-one reengagement with a canvas that connects omnichannel orchestration and message design and delivery.
  • Exclusive to Adobe, standardize and sequence all relevant online and offline data into a unified customer view for real-time journey analysis.

Say goodbye to win-back campaigns. Say hello to don’t-lose campaigns.

Winning back customers who’ve moved on is difficult. But Adobe lets you use AI and machine learning to create models and ​scores that can spot and predict customer churn before it ​happens. Spot the signals, re-engage drifting customers, and build relationships of loyalty and trust.

  • Get a unified view of customers, as well as propensity scores, using behavioral, attribute, and preference data from both online and offline channels.
  • Identify friction points such as which customers are likely to churn and which journeys are problematic.
  • Understand which campaigns are working, what’s causing churn, and how events affect future purchases.
  • Deliver timely, relevant, and consistent messages and offers based on a real-time unified customer view from a single journey canvas.

To move the conversion rate, move the customer.

Brands often look at their overall conversion rate and prioritize this ​as a lagging indicator of success. But conversion ​rate improvement is simply a byproduct of individual customer success​. Adobe lets you analyze each prospect’s experience so you can ​optimize their experience accordingly, and help you consider what your customers ​needs to convert instead of looking at aggregated conversion rate​ only.

  • Analyze all the contextual drivers of compelling experiences through both trait and behavioral data to improve conversion events.
  • Use advanced segmentation and activation tools for pseudonymous profiles who have not yet registered or converted.
  • Scale one-to-one experiences across advertising, social, email, SMS text, and more, using interests and preferred channels to personalize them.
  • Use AI modeling to identify indicators and route users down the best path such as free trials or chat.

Just because they’re not logged in doesn’t mean they’re a stranger.

With unauthenticated visitors, marketers typically ignore one-to-one considerations and, instead, deliver campaigns targeted at a broad base of unauthenticated traffic. Adobe lets you recognize these visitors and personalize their experience based on their past behavior and the current context of their visit, such as channel, device, and more.

  • Recognize visitors who haven’t logged in and use data to segment audiences and publish them for activation.
  • Recognize if a customer signed in before and use the identity graph to link profile data to behavioral data to retarget across devices.
  • Personalize site experience based on past browsing activity.
  • Respect consumer privacy by preventing the merger of authenticated and unauthenticated profiles for personalization.

Move from one-time value to lifetime value.

Most upsell and cross-sell campaigns narrowly focus on recent purchases only. Adobe lets you focus on the whole customer by adding behavioral, attribute, and preference data to evolve a one-time conversion into a lifetime of offers your customers really want.

  • Create personalized campaigns based on a specific customer’s attributes, behavior, and past purchases.
  • Create omnichannel journeys from a single canvas, embedding consistent brand messaging, imagery, and personalized offers.
  • Apply AI models with flexible configuration and transparency to all customer data to understand propensity.
  • Use AI-driven offer decisioning to deliver personalized offers based on real-time profiles.
  • Deliver in-the-moment via email, SMS, text, in-app or push-message based on customer actions or segment qualification changes.

Dive deeper into the the products powering these workflows.

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

Enables real-time customer decision making and lets you understand the impact of each customer touchpoint.

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Adobe Real-Time CDP

Gives you actionable B2C and B2B profiles from online and offline data as well as known and unknown first party data and partner data.

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Adobe Journey Optimizer

Lets you send real time experiences across any journey and any device, whether it’s a planned campaign or an experience tailored to one customer, from a single canvas.

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The Total Economic Impact™ of Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Journey Optimizer, and Customer Journey Analytics.

Learn how this Adobe solution delivered a 431% return on investment.

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What is Adobe Experience Platform?

It’s our industry-changing data foundation that collects, standardizes, unifies, governs, and applies AI to data from both online and offline sources. It’s the incredible technology at the heart of Adobe Experience Cloud products that lets you deliver thoughtful and relevant experiences at scale.

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