Content automation

Content automation brings the power of Adobe Creative Cloud to Experience Manager Assets giving marketers the ability to automate asset production at scale, dramatically speeding the creation of variations.

Dramatically speed up creation without a production artist

New content automation capabilities give marketers Adobe Creative Cloud editing abilities from the easy-to-use interface of Experience Manager Assets. It frees marketers from reliance on their creative teams and gives them the ability to automate asset production at scale, dramatically reducing the resources spent on creating image variations.

With content automation, powerful Photoshop and Lightroom editing services are accessible directly within the DAM, allowing marketers to do tasks like retouching, auto-tuning, auto-straightening, and background knockouts, without the technical know-how of Creative Cloud apps. This greatly reduces time spent on repetitive editing processes and gives non-technical users the ability to quickly and easily produce variations on the fly, saving countless hours and budget.

See what makes it work

Photoshop automations
Leverage advanced Photoshop features like image cut out and smart object replace at the folder level to automate image editing workflows and drive content velocity.

Lightroom automations
Automate asset retouching using Lightroom presets that can be applied at the folder level to update images and generate needed renditions.

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Asset collections

Easily create, edit, and share asset collections between users, including static collections and smart collections that can dynamically include assets based on search criteria.

Asset insights

Use data insights to see which assets perform best without having to rely on your analytics team, and easily report asset engagement, consumption, and interaction.

File type support

Assets offers a wide range of support from Creative Cloud apps to common file types and emerging file formats like 3D, panoramic, VR, and AR.

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