Adobe Experience Platform Location Service

Solve your marketing equation with location as a service.

Adobe Experience Platform Location Service lets you add the location dimension to your analysis, so you can understand customer visits. Plus, you can identify key audiences and engage with them!


Identify actionable insights.
Using our location data platform, get rich insights on audience points of interests — places like stores, parks, stadiums, and more. — places like stores, parks, stadiums, and more. Stay in the loop by setting actionable alerts for entries or exits on a point of interest.

Make life easier with automation.
Integrate with comprehensive APIs to automate how you manage points of interest.

Developer friendly.
Use modular, open-source SDKs to quickly get started with location and point-of-interest tracking in your mobile apps.


Experience Platform Location Service Features

Fuse the digital and physical worlds.

We've made it easy for you to understand how your audiences interact with points of interest. Data Location Platform makes it easy to take action on your location insights across Adobe Experience Cloud. By harnessing location as service, you can design and deliver more relevant experiences.

Points of Interest
Create and manage points of interest using an intuitive user interface or a flexible set of web APIs.
Background Monitoring
Get alerts on points of interests even when the mobile app is in the background with user permission.
Real-Time Experiences
Create custom alerts and rules to report and act on location insights.