Connected device optimization

Every day, more devices, products, and customer experiences are becoming smart and internet enabled. If your product is connected to the internet, we can help you test and personalize its experience for your customers.


Go beyond the browser and optimize on every screen.

Today, it’s not enough to optimize for traditional digital platforms. Today, connected customers are everywhere — thanks to the growth of IoT and smart technology — and you want the same control over testing and personalization that you have on the web so you can deliver the right experience wherever your customers encounter your digital experiences.

With connected device optimization in Adobe Target, brands and businesses can streamline testing, optimization, and personalization across every platform — think web, mobile, wearables, gaming consoles, ATMs, and set top boxes, plus other emerging technologies. It’s the ultimate beyond-the-browser experience, and it’s all at your fingertips.


See what makes it work.

Single-delivery platform
With Adobe Target, you don’t need separate add-ons or different technologies to test and personalize beyond the web. Test, personalize, recommend, optimize, and more all from our single-delivery platform that spans web, mobile, apps, IoT, and other connected devices.

Any connected device
Run tests on personalized responses through smart speakers in the home or car. Offer recommendations through a connected TV. Test different offers through in-store kiosks — like fast food touchscreens, ATMs, soda machines, and so on. Optimize VR/AR applications. Do all of this and more as easily as you would on the web.

Offline optimization
Even if your customer isn’t on a device directly, you can optimize the experience. With Adobe Target, you can personalize direct mail sends and call center scripts. Or arm in-store employees with the information they need to give your customers a personal and powerful brick and mortar experience. No matter your optimization use case, Target can work for you.

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Create one profile and endless possibilities.

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