Adobe Analytics features

No matter where you are with your analytics maturity, we can help. We are consistently a Leader in analyst reports like the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ and The Forrester Wave™ because we develop features that make data and insights smarter, cleaner, faster to access, and easier to use. Look at what Adobe Analytics can do.

Collect and measure.

Make silos a thing of the past.

You don’t want your data to only show a slice of the action, so we help you bring all your digital data — including customer attribute data — under one roof. From web and mobile to connected cars, you’ll get the clearest possible picture of your customer and your business.

Multichannel data collection

We offer multiple ways to capture data from virtually any source (i.e., web, email, campaigns, web-based kiosks, mobile devices, client-server applications, and most applications that access the internet).

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Custom variables

Capture the web and mobile app data that matters most for data-driven decision-making and that maps to your business goals.

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Unique processing rules

Our server-side approach to processing and populating report variables and defining visitor segmentation rules allows you to create real-time segmentation of all online data without creating complex rules on your site.

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Tag management

Adobe Experience Platform Tag Manager makes it easy to manage tags and provides innovative tools for collecting and distributing data across digital marketing systems.

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Data egress and data feeds

We offer extended storage, data reprocessing, and reporting capabilities for customer data. And our data feeds deliver batched raw data on a recurring daily or hourly schedule.

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Explore and understand.

Advanced calculated metrics

Calculated metrics enable you to combine metrics to create mathematical and statistical operations that are used as new metrics. These metrics can be segmented and created for any report to which you add metrics.

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Advanced segmentation

Create unique user segments based on behaviors to evaluate across reports and in other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

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Ad hoc analysis

With our Analysis Workspace feature, you get a robust, flexible canvas for building custom analysis projects. Drag and drop any number of data tables, visualizations, and components (channels, dimensions, metrics, segments, and time granularities) to a project.

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Cohort analysis

Create and compare groups of customers with shared characteristics over time to help you recognize and analyze significant trends. Analyze cohorts for retention and churn, by dimension, and latency to see how an event impacts behaviors.

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Cross-device Analytics

Cross-device analytics helps you unify your app and web data into a single source of data to better understand the customer journey.

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Flow analysis

Use a flow analysis to view your customers’ journeys, seeing where they go as well as where they leave your apps and sites.

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Put your customers in context.

When you understand not just what your customer does, but why they do it and how they’re different from others, you can give them what they need. We have robust and best-in-class tools to help everyone in your company turn all the customer data you’ve gathered into what-, why-, and how-style insights that actually deliver ROI.

Predict and model.

Get faster insights than everyone.

Stop manually analyzing rows of data and spending time with descriptive reports. We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to help data scientists dig in where it really matters — and help everyone else to get the real-time insights they need.

Marketing attribution

Multiple rules-based and algorithmic approaches to attribution offer robust analysis of customer behavior, providing a best-fit model per channel based on your customers’ actual interaction patterns.

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Anomaly detection

Statistical modeling and machine learning that automatically finds unexpected anomalies in your data. It combs through vast amounts of data to immediately identify factors that are impacting your business.

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Contribution analysis

Discovers hidden patterns within your data to explain statistical anomalies and identify correlations behind unexpected customer actions, out-of-bound values, and sudden spikes or dips for metrics across audience segments.

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Intelligent alerts

Create and manage alerts based on data anomalies and “stacked” alerts that capture multiple metrics in a single alert.

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Real-time data

Get a real-time stream of unprocessed hit-level data available within seconds of collection with our Live Stream feature in Adobe Analytics.

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Segment compare

Discover the most statistically significant differences among segments through an automated analysis of every metric and dimension. Automatically uncover key characteristics of the segments that are driving your company’s KPIs.

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Share and act.

Shared audiences

You can create and manage audience segments based on any behavior and share that audience segment seamlessly to the Adobe Experience Cloud for activation in other Experience Cloud products.

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Audience analytics

Our integration between Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager allows you to incorporate audience data such as demographic information, psychographic information, CRM data, and ad impression data into any Analytics workflow.

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Advertising analytics

Import search engine impressions, clicks, cost, position, and quality scores from Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Tie these traffic and spend metrics to site-side engagement and real-time conversions in Adobe Analytics.

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Remarketing triggers

Our robust set of triggers lets marketers identify, define, and monitor key consumer behaviors and then generate cross-solution communication like email to re-engage visitors.

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Adobe Analytics dashboards

Create and publish mobile scorecards across any metric and dimension to view inside the Adobe Analytics mobile app. Impress your executives with up-to-the-minute KPI status from their phones.

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Third-party integrations

Data connectors integrate Adobe Analytics with third-party applications utilizing prebuilt API connections and a drag-and-drop UI.

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Make action more than a buzzword.

Saying you can turn insight into action is one thing. Actually doing it is another. Because Adobe Analytics is part of an integrated digital ecosystem, pulling insights into advertising, cross-channel campaigns, or the personalization of content is easier than ever.

Compare Adobe Analytics packages and pricing.

Adobe Analytics Select

Empower your decision making with accurate, timely, and insightful data. With drag-and-drop segment building and customizable reporting, you can discover your high-value customers and the best ways to engage them.

Adobe Analytics Prime

Understand your customers, find new insights, and identify issues — all with real-time, multichannel data. Measure the effectiveness of your mobile apps to understand how people interact with your digital experiences across devices.

Adobe Analytics Ultimate

Take advantage of machine learning and AI to discover deep insights and uncover hidden opportunities. Use experiential data from cross-channel marketing and advanced analytics to get the most complete picture of your customers’ journey.