Experience Fragment Management

Supercharge experience fragments created with Adobe Experience Manager Sites using our dynamic media capabilities, allowing you to reuse channel-agnostic interactive experiences consistently across a variety of screens.


Automatically serve up digital experiences for any screen.

Creating and tracking of all the elements of a digital experience can be a demanding task. Especially when you need to design and edit a new layout for each delivery channel or screen size.

Enter experience fragment management. It allows you to create an experience once, and automatically reformat it for any screen size. Dynamic media capabilities bundle channel-agnostic content and layouts into modular menu of experience fragments, which can be managed directly from Adobe Experience Manager. The technology automatically reassembles channel-agnostic experience fragments into layouts that fit any desired format, while letting you add interactive hotspots to any asset — image or video.


See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.

Building blocks
Create a grouped set of components that can be reused to create content across variations and templates, allowing changes to populate easily.

Target your audiences
Personalize your content by choosing what to display based on the audience. In Adobe Experience Manager, use ContextHub to define your audiences by indicators such as ZIP or postal code.

Design for many channels
Enable your experiences to play seamlessly across channels by automatically creating channel- or context-specific variations optimized for various screen sizes.

Learn more about experience fragment management in Adobe Experience Manager. | See Adobe asset link in action.

See Experience Fragments in action.

Learn how to reuse elements for multiple digital experiences and create variations for mobile optimized content, social media, or third party touch points in our tutorial video.

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Uncover no-hassle editing.

Learn how to create and use experience fragments, including our experience fragment editor, in our documentation.

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