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SleepX sees big increase in search returns by working with Goji Web and using Adobe Advertising Cloud.

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Increase in ROI

with 3x return on ad spend


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Increase brand awareness and visibility in a crowded bed-in-a-box industry

Achieve higher returns on advertising spend, driving revenue more efficiently

Become faster and smarter than competitors to win over consumers


600% Increase in ROI, with 3X return on ad spend

5x higher transaction volumes as targeted ads attract the right consumers

48% boost in website traffic through greater online visibility and optimized search campaigns

Stronger brand recognition and awareness in a crowded industry

The challenge of standing out online

These days, people can order almost anything online and have it delivered to their door. Even mattresses, which had been sold in traditional stores for years, are now packed neatly into boxes and shipped directly to homes. Buying a bed-in-a-box is becoming increasingly popular and the industry is crowded with competitors, all vying for attention online and driving up the cost of advertising.

SleepX is relatively new to the Australian market, aiming to differentiate itself from competitors by offering more choices—soft, medium, and firm foam mattresses, with the option to customize each side of the bed. It also sells high-tech sleep therapy pillows and mattress toppers. Since its launch in early 2018, the company has been working to promote its unique message, primarily through digital channels such as paid search advertising and search engine optimization (SEO).

“We tried to create brand awareness and gain sales at the same time, but we were overspending on advertising, and that wasn’t sustainable,” says Kerstin Hoefner, Digital Marketing Manager at SleepX.

“Using Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, we knew we could help SleepX get higher returns on ad spend and start to build its brand online.”

Matt Murfitt

Director of Data and Analytics, Goji Web

A few months in, the startup decided to rethink its digital marketing strategy and work with experts from Goji Web—a performance marketing consultancy and certified Adobe Advertising Cloud partner. Goji Web Director of Data and Analytics Matt Murfitt was keen to take on the challenge.

“Search marketing is essential in the bed-in-a-box industry, and newer entrants need to be smarter and nimbler than their competitors,” says Murfitt. “Using Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, we knew we could help SleepX get higher returns on ad spend and start to build its brand online.”

Breakthrough results with smarter search marketing

SleepX entrusted its search marketing to the technical and strategic experts at Goji Web. The consultancy started by cleaning up existing search campaigns and pulling them into Adobe Advertising Cloud Search.

“For the first month, it’s all about learning,” says Murfitt. “Adobe Advertising Cloud Search needs time to collect information and build the data model, but then the algorithm starts to do the work for us and identify search terms most likely to convert to website traffic or sales.”

Performance Optimization, powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, frees Goji Web to focus on the bigger picture, rather than managing individual keywords. SleepX can afford to be more creative and experimental, spend more time honing content and offers, and look for opportunities to achieve breakthrough results.

“With Goji Web and Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, we saw a 600% increase in ROI. We now earn $3 in revenue for every $1 we spend on search advertising.”

Kerstin Hoefner

Digital Marketing Manager, SleepX

Goji Web also uses Performance Forecasting, powered by Adobe Sensei, to simulate changes in the budget or business objectives, so the consultancy can test the viability of new ideas before launching them.

The efforts have paid off, convincing Hoefner that search marketing can be a boon for the business instead of a drain.

“With Goji Web and Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, we saw a 600% increase in ROI. We now earn $3 in revenue for every $1 we spend on search advertising,” says Hoefner. “Our transaction volumes are 5 times higher, and website traffic is up 48%.”

Finding success with Google Shopping and retargeting

As Goji Web shaped the search marketing strategy, two key elements emerged as powerful factors in SleepX’s success. The first is the use of Advertising Cloud Search in conjunction with Google Shopping, which contributed a significant boost in sales.

As Murfitt explains, “The beauty of Google Shopping is that product images and prices appear immediately in search results, which is quite effective at capturing attention. Combined with the power of Adobe Advertising Cloud Search to evaluate hundreds of thousands of keywords, we can get very targeted and make a big impact with the ad budget.”

The other important element in the search marketing strategy is retargeting list search ads (RLSA), which allows Goji Web to feed consumer data into Google Ads for retargeting.

“We use Google Ads to retarget people who have already searched for mattresses, visited the SleepX website, or taken some other action that indicates they may be in the market for a mattress,” says Murfitt. “Adobe Advertising Cloud Search helps us optimize our retargeting bids, which are generally higher because they are more likely to result in a sale.”

A new day for SleepX

Using Advertising Cloud, Goji Web has helped open up new possibilities for the SleepX business, which aims to keep growing and diversifying its product line. Its recent success in search marketing has generated both the revenue and the confidence to make that happen.

“As a small business, we’re biased toward a more hands-on approach to search marketing, but we’re also open to trying new things,” says Hoefner. “When we started using the Adobe Advertising Cloud algorithm, we started seeing results that we couldn’t have achieved otherwise and realized the technology is not just for bigger companies.”

Goji Web also sees a lot of potential. As Murfitt says, “The AI-powered tools in Adobe Advertising Cloud can effectively outperform any human campaign manager, and that’s powerful for both us and our clients.”

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