How Adobe Audience Manager compares to DMP competitors.

Adobe Audience Manager is an experience-led data management platform. Take a closer look and you’ll find we offer features you can’t get anywhere else.

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Everybody else
Adobe Audience Manager
They don’t explain how devices are linked together, often add hidden fees and shroud their match-rate calculations.
We provide transparency to ensure customers understand their audiences and can plan campaigns with the best information. Our features are well documented to ensure you’re not investing in a black box. And there are no additional fees with our standard features.
Control and flexibility
They only give you a single option for device graphs and a limited selection of data providers and onboarding partners.
We give customers full control and flexibility over how their data is organised and activated. We also offer you the freedom to use the partner you want to work with.
Agnostic platform
They often only work with a few datasets and also advocate the purchase of their own data.
We can onboard any dataset and work with any onboarded data. We are not involved with selling data to avoid conflicts of interest.
Time to market
They have fewer real-time integrations and can take weeks to process data and deliver reports.
We minimise the time it takes to process data and speed up time to market by using Adobe Experience Cloud integrations, providing mobile tagging, offering the most real-time S2S integrations and more.
Better audience insights
They can’t ingest some types of first-party data and some features, like A/B testing and reporting, are outsourced to external vendors.

We give you a complete view of user interactions with the ability to ingest data from almost any source.

We also provide the tools to gauge and improve campaign performance, including our built-in A/B testing tool and deliver robust analytics solutions for audience-level data.