GraphQL for content fragments

Easily deliver content headlessly to fuel content experiences in modern apps like single-page apps, mobile apps, or in-app experiences using Adobe Experience Manager’s GraphQL API for content fragments.

Efficiency in every digital touchpoint.

Brands are responsible for creating seamless, efficient experiences across an increasing number of digital channels. But quickly creating new, responsive applications can be complicated by siloed content systems and slow server interactions. Using traditional REST APIs has worked well, but these can also slow response times because apps often have to make several requests to get the necessary data or they get more data than they need. GraphQL changes all this.

Experience Manager’s GraphQL API lets developers use industry standard, application-agnostic query language format to query and retrieve content. It is designed to be compact and efficient, returning just the content requested and nothing extra, so responses match the format and needs of the requesting app. Queries can also return nested content and return multiple related items in one call, significantly reducing the time and bandwidth required to retrieve content and app needs. The result is quick, app-like experiences across all digital channels that are responsive and on brand.


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Simple query language, headless content delivery

Easily deliver content to all your enterprise’s modern apps in JSON format using GraphQL’s easy-to-use query language with Experience Manager’s headless APIs.

Endless tool and language options

GraphQL is front-end agnostic and limits dependencies on SDKs, allowing developers to work with the language or tools they choose (React, Angular, iOS).

Get the data you need — no more, no less

Query Experience Manager content fragments with all the elements, variations, and nested references required for rendering by an app without the fields you don’t need.

Future-proof omnichannel flexibility

Experience Manager’s GraphQL API for content fragments supports headless content anywhere — but uniquely, Experience Manager content fragments can be reused to create headful pages in the WYSIWYG page editor.

Fast, scalable performance

Persistent queries ensure fastest customer experiences with cacheable content queries designed for web architecture as well as caching in content delivery networks (CDNs).

Powerful structured content

Content fragments models support many field types and the ability to create interrelationships, making it easy to create powerful and reusable content models and atomic content.

Intelligent interface

An integrated in-browser user interface lets developers easily build, test, and debug their queries. It also provides built-in validation and code completion capabilities.

Learn more about GraphQL APIs in Adobe Experience Manager.


Fuel content into apps with the GraphQL API.

Explore how to query content fragments from a single-page app using the GraphQL API in Experience Manager.

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