This is the year for IT.

Join our Technology Trends webinar for IT professionals.

Upcoming webinar  |  February 11 2021, at 3pm GMT  |  Free of charge

On the 11th of February 2021, at 3pm GMT, we’re hosting Adobe’s Webinar for IT Professionals.

We’ll expand on key themes from the 2021 Digital Trends Report and how IT is playing a crucial role in a world where commercial success is increasingly defined by the quality of the customer experience (CX).

Since the start of the pandemic, IT departments have been pushed to the forefront as companies faced numerous challenges – from a lack of data around new customer journeys to entire workforces shifting to remote working.

56% of IT professionals at top-performing companies said they were more likely to be involved in decision-making around choosing and implementing CX technologies compared to 44% of teams working in mainstream companies. This, along with other data, reveals how organisations are still being held back by legacy technology and workflow issues.

In this webinar, we’ll share practical insights into:

  • How IT departments at top-performing companies compare with the mainstream.
  • The role of predictive analytics and customer data platforms for improving customer experience.
  • How the pandemic has aligned marketing and IT teams and increased collaboration.
  • The importance of customer insights and workflow-friendly infrastructure.

You’ll come away with a clear understanding of what’s changed since the pandemic and how to prepare for 2021.

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Steve Allison, Senior Manager, Product & Industry Marketing EMEA, Adobe
Jim Clark, Commercial Research Director, eConsultancy