Personalized Media

Use one master file to adapt, compose, and deliver dynamic experiences with speed and impact. Then enhance these experiences by adding clickable hotspots that link to rich experiences, like maps or product pop-ups.

It’s time to get personal.

Your customers expect a relevant and customized experience that is consistent across every platform and device. If you don’t deliver, you risk customer loyalty and retention. The challenge is doing it efficiently, so you capture their attention before they move on.

With Personalized Media, you can use one master file to rapidly adapt, compose, and deliver dynamic experiences with speed and impact, ensuring all of your content is relevant, responsive, and engaging. You can also create an online visualization tool so customers can see different options for colors, patterns, and more, customizing your products in real time.

See what makes it work.

Media personalization
Define, test, and preview content variations and create dynamic media URLs. Modify layer content and properties on your page with dynamic media URL commands.

Hotspot functionality
Enhance channel-agnostic interactions by adding clickable hotspots to assets that link to rich experiences, such as maps or product information pop-ups.

Product personalization
Help customers customize product options on your sites and apps. This lowers sampling, photography, and production costs, improves the product design process, and reduces time to market.

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Discover how furniture retailer, Room and Board, used personalized media to increase revenue.

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Smart beskärning

Eliminera repetitiv redigering med smart beskärning, en automatisk process som identifierar fokusområdet  i en bild eller videofilm och automatiskt beskär efter det med hjälp av AI via Adobe Sensei.

Dynamiska medier

Hantera och publicera dynamiska digitala upplevelser med vårt unika ramverk av komponenter som låter er anpassa och leverera interaktiva multimedieupplevelser på olika typer av enheter.

Hantering av upplevelsefragment

Återanvänd kanaloberoende och interaktiva upplevelser enhetligt över flera skärmar med hjälp av funktioner för dynamiska medier och optimera upplevelsefragment från Experience Manager Sites.

Ring oss och prata om vad Adobe Experience Manager Assets kan göra för ert företag.

Ring oss och prata om vad Adobe Experience Manager Assets kan göra för ert företag.