Solving two challenges with one solution

Helping achieve triple digit growth

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Expand the Ranosys brand into new geographies

Simplify the marketing operations processes and the time to market for communications

Increase the quality and quantity of leads

Create a single source of truth for marketing efforts

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150% increase in engagement

120% growth in leads/contacts

60% boost in lead generation over the past quarter

Existing marketing solutions were hampering growth

As a global digital consulting company, Ranosys provides eCommerce, digital transformation and software product engineering solutions for clients worldwide. Founded in Southeast Asia, the Singapore-based company has expanded to over 400 consultants with offices in the US, UK, UAE and multiple delivery centres in India. However, they realised that continued expansion would require a significant update to their MarTech stack to enable the marketing programmes they need to fuel their growth.

Since 2008, Ranosys had been using a combination of disjointed marketing tools for different functions, including segmentation, personalisation, marketing communications, KPI monitoring and ROI measurement. They found that creating email campaigns took a lot of effort and manual work as the integration between the tools was not seamless. Additionally, tracking and measuring their performance was not a straightforward task.

Ranosys needed a new and integrated solution that would enable email marketing automation that reduced the time and activities spent on executing and measuring campaigns. The marketing team also wanted the ability to send more personalised and targeted communications to improve the response rates and increase their brand equity. The vision also included expanding the digital commerce consulting offering with a complementary capability.

Solving two challenges with one solution

For many of their B2B commerce clients, Ranosys implements the Adobe Commerce platform; to which they attribute 35% of their revenue. However, as an Adobe Silver Level Solution Partner, they wanted to expand their delivery capabilities to other solutions within the Adobe Experience Cloud. The natural extension was Adobe Marketo Engage as it would improve the ability of their clients to drive more traffic to their online shops. The one solution for both client work and internal marketing - Adobe Marketo Engage.

“To expand into N. America, it was critical that we have the marketing tools to promote our brand in the marketplace as well have a comprehensive suite of offerings to support our Adobe Experience Cloud clients.”

Rob Davis

SVP, N. America - Ranosys

Top choice for marketing, sales and consulting teams

In the past two years, Ranosys began expanding into both new geographies and new service offerings. To help enable this strategy, Adobe Marketo Engage was selected as the tool of choice for enabling the needs of three of the company’s core pillars, marketing, sales and consulting.

In addition, the consulting team is now delivering a new offering to help their Adobe clients improve the marketing performance of their digital commerce platforms with Marketo Engage.

Gauging marketing success through reports & analytics

The Ranosys implementation team began the project by integrating Adobe Marketo Engage with the Salesforce customer and leads database. After that, they worked on data cleaning by checking whether email addresses were still valid and the lead scoring was correct.

Next the team segmented their contacts based on industry, services and geography and then began nurturing the customer contacts and leads through webinars and event campaigns. The team members who worked on the project observed that collaboration was easy since everyone was working on the same platform.

The Adobe Marketo Engage feature that the team found most useful was the ability to monitor their performance and gauge their marketing success, which they considered to be lacking in the previous solutions they used.

“In Adobe Marketo Engage, there are lots of features that we find useful, but analytics and reporting is one of the functions where we get quite a good level of insight from. Another is the overall automated process for lead nurturing; this is the second feature that we found to be useful. ”

Kali Charan Rajput,

AVP, Marketing - Ranosys

Cutting campaign creation time: 3 hours to 10 minutes

Before using Adobe Marketo Engage, Ranosys was only able to send one or two emails per month due to the cumbersome process of creating email campaigns. As a result, their website was not getting the traffic they needed to meet their growth targets.

With the help of Adobe Marketo Engage’s Smart List function, the team not only cut down the time it took to create and send campaigns from 3 hours to 10 minutes but was also able to send highly targeted and personalised messages. This enabled the marketing team to now send four to five emails in a month, which has boosted their site traffic as well as increased the time visitors spend on their web pages.

Helping achieve triple digit growth

With the expansion in multiple geographies underway and a marketing tool that will aid the expansion, Ranosys is targeting a 75% to 100% YoY growth, from its previous 40% to 50% rate. This growth will be fuelled by increased marketing activities and a larger sales team to handle the leads. Finally, the plan is to expand their delivery capabilities by hiring 250 additional consultants.

“Without that kind of a tool [Adobe Marketo Engage], we cannot even think of having an aggressive growth plan. We feel that it's essential to have such a tool for us to even plan for that kind of growth.

Prior to Marketo, we only had a single global website. Now we have a platform to have a dedicated website for every geography. So, we have so much different content right now. For these different segments, we can use Adobe Marketo Engage. ”

Kali Charan Rajput,

AVP, Marketing - Ranosys

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