Asset Check-out

Check out an asset you need to work on and lock it so only you can edit, annotate, publish or move it — until you check it back in. This ensures no one can override your changes while you’re working on it.


Take control of your assets.

If you’ve landed in the awkward position of explaining an error on the final version of a creative piece, you’re probably not alone. Creative assets tend to change hands often during a project as they’re downloaded, edited and re-uploaded to a shared workspace.

With asset check-out in Adobe Experience Manager Assets, users have the ability to check out an asset to edit, annotate, publish or move it and then check it back in without any other user being able to touch it until they’re finished. This prevents changes from being overridden — especially when multiple users and teams collaborate on editing assets.


See what makes it work.

Streamlined check-out
Files that are checked out are locked and can’t be edited until checked back in to Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Although users cannot check out a file while it’s in use, other users can update metadata information on a locked file.

Forced check-in
Administrators can check in files that were checked out by other users.

Simple UI
Manage all your assets from this intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

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