Email optimisation

With its server-side architecture, true real-time marketer control and flexible implementation, Adobe Target allows you to test, target and personalise emails at build time, send time or open time.


Emails that change with every click.

Email is often the first point of contact with the customer. But that leads to overflowing inboxes and message fatigue — so now it’s harder than ever to cut through the clutter and build meaningful customer interactions.

The comprehensive email optimisation capabilities in Adobe Target put marketers in control, with the technology to personalise every email in a number of different ways at any point in the process. It’s a simple, powerful approach to maximise every “send” and a better way to keep your audience engaged and valued.


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Optimised recommendations
Add targeted, personalised recommendations to both transactional and marketing emails either at build time or at send time. Make recommendations based on previous purchases products, abandoned basket items, cross-sell and up-sell options and more.

Email testing
Change the structure or design of your email at build time or send time to test variations.

Dynamic emails
Deliver messages that can change after initial or multiple viewings to offer contextual, real-time relevance in browser or an email client.

Synced landing page experiences
Ensure that landing page experiences match the emails that drive to them.

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Deliver relevant recommendations.

Learn how to deliver API, “rawbox” email or download-only templates based on your campaign needs in our documentation.

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