Adobe Creative Cloud: Substance 3D – Get Ready for the Metaverse content creation

On-Demand webinar | 89 mins | Free of charge


Over the past 120 years, we have moved from an industrial society to a knowledge-based society to a digital society and now to a creative society. Creativity is now recognized as one of the most important workplace skills to thrive today and into the future. Sir Ken Robinson said that creativity now is an important in education as literacy.

In the Substance 3D ecosystem, smart creative apps and high-end content give you everything you need to make inspiring art include Metaverse. The infinite 3D models, materials, and lights are prepared for your Digital Future! 

The next-level 3D generation is here! Watch the Magic unfolds.

Why attend this webinar?

What will be covered in this session:

  • CC Applications & Devices
  • Creative AI with PHOTOSHOP
  • STOCK Up on creative assets
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Unleashing a 3rd DIMENSION


Intended audience

- Art/Creative Director, Game Developer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, 3D, Illustrator



Yan Meizi

Yan Meizi  
Territory Manager, SEA


Meizi Yan specialized in 3D Art for more than 13 years, she helped set up 3D digital visualization strategy for companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Bytedance (Tiktok), She started to lead a team to create Substance 3D library since 2009. Adobe Substance 3D is the industry standard for 3D texture technology, she cannot wait to empower all artists to transform the world of 3D.

Nelson John

Nelson John  
Creative Consultant, Technical Solutions Group
Adobe SEA 


Nelson John is a Consultant for Technical Solutions Group in Adobe South East Asia specializing in the Creative Product Suites. Nelson John has used Adobe products for the past twenty years. As an evangelist, he leverages his vast experience in the fields of Digital documents, Imaging, Multimedia, as well as pre- and post-production workflows, to deliver the best possible experience for the Adobe Creative Community in both large institutions and small design and production studios

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