Juniper Networks turns its website into a global differentiator.

The networking solutions leader lays a foundation for digital growth and personalized customer experiences around the world with Adobe Experience Manager.



9,000+ employees worldwide
Sunnyvale, California


less time to publish web content


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Migrate the global website onto a modern CMS to become more agile and publish content faster

Personalize web experiences based on customer data, continuous testing, and refinement

Lift engagement globally by delivering localized experiences tailored to each market


Launched 15,000 new URLs on the new global platform

Can now publish new web content and make complex changes in 50% less time

Created a new content streaming service for customers, called “The Feed”

For Juniper Networks, digital transformation is more than a facelift

Juniper Networks is no stranger to disruption. The leader in secure networking has built its reputation by upending an industry that, to paraphrase senior director of experience marketing, Sarah Lesway-Ball, is changing quickly and demands agility to meet global customers where they are. Juniper wants to help businesses provide the best experiences for their customers, not just through its solutions but through the platforms it uses to engage with customers and prospects. Take Juniper’s ground-breaking AI networking portfolio, which delivers stellar and secure experiences to end users and network teams.

“Our business defines success two ways,” says Lesway-Ball. “We want to grow, but we also want to differentiate our brand with engaging experiences that stand in a class of their own.”

To that end, Juniper Networks migrated its global corporate marketing website to Adobe Experience Manager Sites, replacing its CMS and better leveraging Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target to better understand its audience in each market and take an outside-in approach to its online customer experiences.

"This isn’t just a facelift. We’ve built a foundation to grow, be more agile, and add value for customers. It’s a comprehensive transformation and there’s much more to come.”

Michelle Cullinan

Director of Global Digital Experience, Juniper Networks

The 6 pillars of modern web experiences

Plans to modernize Juniper’s digital properties were already in motion, but COVID-19 kicked the project into high gear. The company joined forces with Adobe and launched in record time in June 2021, laying out a six-pillar strategy that would become the foundation of its new digital approach.

Pillar 1: Updated Design – Juniper needed to move from a siloed, engineering-heavy web development platform to modern templates that were SEO-friendly and brought consistency to its global web pages, while streamlining the development process.

Pillar 2: Simplified Content – Michelle Cullinan, director of digital experience says it best: “We wanted to streamline the experience and showcase the benefits more quickly for customers and prospects.”

Pillar 3: SEO-Friendliness – SEO was a key priority for Juniper, as search is a major lead generator across its global markets. Efforts to clean up and restructure webpages for SEO-friendliness, including automated global tagging for its content and visuals, remain top of mind for Cullinan’s team to this day.

Pillar 4: Localized Experiences - Localization is a notoriously clunky process. For Juniper, which needed to translate its content and website into 13 different languages, the goal was to centralize content development and streamline localization workflows.

Pillar 5: Optimized Measurement – The success of a website is measured in engagement figures. With that in mind, Juniper Networks set out to replace its manual tagging processes, which were causing measurement delays, with automated processes supported by Adobe Analytics.

Pillar 6: Content Creation for All – Finally, Juniper Networks needed to accelerate its content publishing. By moving to a user-friendly platform that requires no development expertise, marketers would be able to edit and publish content faster than ever.

Building a digital foundation

Experience Manager was the foundation of this new approach to web and content management operations. Working with modern, easy-to-use webpage templates allows marketers to easily roll out new customer experiences, while cutting hours from the content creation process.

“Our business is busy bringing new products to market, so delivering product launches to our global customers more quickly is huge,” says Cullinan. “Using templates also ensures new content works on a range of platforms, including mobile, so that customers get the latest information from Juniper on their screen of choice.”

Adobe Analytics gives Cullinan and her team deeper insight into what drives customer engagement so they can focus their energy accordingly. Early in Juniper’s implementation, the team noticed that product and solutions pages were its biggest engagement drivers, inspiring them to channel their efforts on connecting with customers via these pages.

“We’ve always had access to data, but with Analytics we now know what do to with it to deliver value for customers,” says Cullinan.

“Our business defines success two ways. We want to grow, but we also want to differentiate our brand engaging experiences that stand in a class of their own.”

Sarah Lesway-Ball

Senior Director of Experience Marketing, Juniper Networks

Better personalization drives better engagement

Juniper Networks has been launching new web pages at-scale, with 15,000 new URLs published since June of 2021, and continues to refine its approach. Meanwhile, it has cut the time required to publish new content by more than 50%, while complex website changes that previously took 5 days also now take roughly half the time thanks to optimized content workflows in Experience Manager.

“This isn’t just a facelift,” adds Cullinan. “We’ve built a foundation to grow, be more agile, and add value for customers. It’s a comprehensive transformation and there’s much more to come.”

Indeed, Juniper is also re-examining the way it manages its global website at the operational level, from the structure of its teams, to training all digital experience team member in Experience Manager so that real-time changes are possible, employee training, to the breaking down of siloes between local websites so it can deliver a more consistent experience for its customers.

Cullinan points to Juniper’s localization processes as a prime candidate for improvement. The process of streamlining localization workflows and centralizing content creation has helped the business to break down longstanding siloes and align its teams across markets.

“We’ve always had access to data, but with Adobe Analytics we now know exactly what do to with it to deliver value for customers.”

Michelle Cullinan

Director of Global Digital Experience, Juniper Networks

Charging ahead with a clear vision

With its modern digital platform in place, Juniper continues to roll out new experiences to further simplify its customers’ lives. For instance, the company launched an online content streaming service called “The Feed” in late 2021. Visitors can access “The Feed” for free to access events, demos, and conversations designed to educate and inspire business and technology leaders of today and tomorrow.

Cullinan’s team also plans to stand up Dynamic Media with Experience Manager, adding a layer of interactivity to Juniper’s online experience. Their goal is to offer customers a guided buying experience, helping them find solutions to address their specific pain points while cutting unnecessary steps from the purchasing journey.

“Customers become advocates when they get an outstanding digital experience, but it’s on us to keep finding new ways to add value for them.” Says Lesway-Ball. “Adobe is helping us to achieve just that, combining powerful technologies with the personalized touch we need to keep growing and getting closer to our global audience each day."

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