How Adobe Campaign compares to our competition.

We know you need to make the best decision possible. As you compare Adobe Campaign against other options, get a clearer view of the ways we have separated our product from others in the market.

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Email service providers.

See how Adobe Campaign competes with email service providers by expanding what you can do with email in the context of broader campaign and experience management.

The competition
Adobe Campaign
Email marketing
ESP segmentation and delivery are often handled separately, and data loading and reporting can be manual and inefficient.
We position email within your greater cross-channel campaign management program. Beyond email delivery, you can build and share audiences, automate workflows, and analyze the full impact of email on your customers and other marketing channels.
Unified Customer Profiles
Doesn’t give you autonomy over your own data to create unified profiles.
Own and access your data and improve your email marketing program by connecting to multiple data sources for enrichment, improved targeting, and personalization. Adobe Campaign makes it easy to share segments and audiences across your organization and to do cross-channel reporting to understand what sorts of messages resonate best.
Flexible service models
Limited options.
Work with Adobe on a full-service or self-service model with a wide array of consulting and coaching packages. Or pick from our global network of specialized partners to support or operate your email marketing program.

Cross-channel campaign management systems.

Why cross-channel campaign management is better when it's part of the Adobe Experience Cloud.

The competition
Adobe Campaign
Cross-channel campaign management
Separate systems are often required for segmentation, delivery, and measurement. Manual list selection and siloed data hinders speed and collaboration.
Our solution is one of the original cross-channel campaign management systems and we continue to improve and invest in it. We offer flexible technology with support for mobile, web, and native email, as well as offline and custom channels.
Integration with Adobe Experience Cloud
Limited. No productized integrations.
Our solution integrates with Adobe Experience Cloud to bring everything from audience insight and analytics to advertising and personalization to your cross-channel campaigns.
Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud
Not available.
You already create and share assets in Dreamweaver. Now easily integrate them into Adobe Campaign.