Mobile Marketing

Use Adobe Campaign to streamline your mobile marketing activities, such as sending mobile-responsive emails, delivering push notifications, text messages, and in-app messages, and designing your app to integrate with Campaign using our mobile SDK.

Mobile marketing made better.

Customers are always on mobile devices, and you ideally want to communicate with your customers with more succinct messaging at the right time to increase their engagement. The new 5G wireless standard enhances your ability to deliver and access rich media files on smartphones — fueling a new era of mobile marketing.

Streamline your mobile communications with Adobe Campaign through personalized push notifications and in-app messages on both iOS and Android. Integrate with SMS aggregators to handle both inbound and outbound messages, and use rich media like videos, emojis, or GIFs and integrate them directly with other mobile channels like LINE. 

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In-app messages (NEW)
Engage customers with contextual, personalized messages in the form of text, image, and video while they're active on your app. 

Push notifications
Track engagement on iOS and Android devices. Send notifications on a transactional, silent, or recurring basis, and translate multilingual push messages for your global audience.

Text messages
Integrate with SMS aggregators through the SMPP protocol to handle outbound and inbound messages and rich media, such as GIFs. Set up triggered SMS with rich media and enable auto-replies.

Mobile SDK
Use our mobile software development kit (SDK) to build and integrate your mobile app directly in Adobe Campaign.

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Expand your mobile marketing.

Expand your mobile marketing.

Learn how Adobe Campaign helps you incorporate mobile into your marketing plans in this tutorial video.

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Get the details on push notifications.

Learn about the different types of push notifications, and how to create, define, and send them in our Help section.

Download Mobile Services SDKs.

Get the Mobile Services SDKs and tools you need to help with your mobile implementation.

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Preference centers

Set up preference centers to make adjustments based on your customers interests and preferences. This helps you enrich customer profiles and manage contact fatigue.

Campaign reporting

Campaign reporting lets you to report on aggregate data relating to all of your outreach efforts, including emails, SMS and push notifications, social media, and even direct mail.

Campaign management

Design, execute, and personalize your marketing across channels, while improving customer experiences on every device and touchpoint.

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