ADOBE Experience Manager

Meet the headless CMS that powers exceptional experiences everywhere.

Adobe Experience Manager is a cloud-native, API-first content and asset management platform that lets brands easily deliver customer experiences across all channels and devices.


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Deliver exceptional experiences anywhere, anytime, with headless content delivery backed by an enterprise-ready experience platform.

Using Adobe Experience Manager is a smarter way for developers to structure and deliver content with flexible front end frameworks. Marketers can create responsive, personalized experiences across every customer touchpoint including single-page apps, mobile apps, IoT, and much more.

Future proof technology

Future proof technology 

Modernize your tech stack with an API-first architecture.

Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice

Let your developers choose their preferred front end framework for maximum flexibility.

Scale at your convenience

Scale at your convenience 

A true enterprise-secure experience platform that grows alongside with your business.

Create content once, reuse everywhere

Create content once, reuse everywhere

Lay down a strong content foundation and repurpose it for use on any channel.

A flexible digital solution that benefits IT, marketers, and business users.

Immersive content with API-first delivery

Immersive content with API-first delivery

Efficient content delivery with GraphQL

GraphQL API for content fragments is a query language that delivers the exact amount of content a front-end application needs while persistent queries help you scale easily.

Headlessly enhance media experiences

Marketers can reach customers anywhere with headless delivery of immersive media content that automatically adapts to any platform or device.

Immersive content with API-first delivery

A central DAM, reusable content 

Developers define content structure

Developers can create structured content fragments with elements and variations that are reusable across any page or app with API delivery (JSON or HTML) and rendered client-side.

Effortlessly cycle content fragments

Marketers can easily add and edit reusable content fragments with assets from the integrated DAM and publish efficiently with AI-powered workflows that automate processes like tagging, cropping, and more.

Immersive content with API-first delivery

Omnichannel experiences on demand

Developers code

Developers can launch faster and spend less time maintaining their SPAs using ready to use, open-source React and Angular Core Components for common SPA elements.

Marketers edit 

Marketers can author, edit, preview, and localize SPA content using Experience Manager’s drag-and-drop SPA editor, empowering them to manage the user experience while reducing reliance on IT.


Immersive content with API-first delivery

Optimized personalization

Headless content personalization

Developers can natively export experience fragments to Adobe Target for A/B testing or multivariate testing, and to Adobe Analytics to instrument apps for insight.

Cross-channel insights

Marketers get the tools and insights that fuel rapid optimization, seamless experiences, contextual personalization, and advanced segmentation though native integration with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target.

Immersive content with API-first delivery

Future-proof agility and extensibility

Cloud-native unified platform 

Easily support enterprise governance and globalization needs with a cloud-native architecture that’s always current,  providing fast deployment cycles, auto-scaling, and a self-healing infrastructure.

Support for future platforms

Enterprise extensibility and the ability to launch API-first experiences lets developers efficiently extend into headful, headless, and hybrid scenarios, including across commerce engines.

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