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Adobe's asset management tool with generative AI

Content Supply Chain

Supercharge your content supply chain with the power of generative AI.

Accelerate and simplify your content supply chain with generative AI and intelligent automation. Integrate high-velocity creative expression with sophisticated activation to deliver beautiful content to every channel.

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Unlock enterprise content creation and delivery with Adobe.

A content supply chain is the end-to-end process companies use to deliver content for their marketing campaigns and personalized customer experiences. All organizations have one, but most are inefficient and disconnected, making it difficult to keep up with the demand — demand that is expected to grow by 5X in the next year alone.

With Adobe, you can manage all five aspects of the content supply chain seamlessly — from strategy, creation, and approvals to delivery and analytics. All powered by generative AI.

Automate and optimize your content supply chain with an integrated set of best-in-class products from Adobe.


Transparent workflows across the content lifecycle.

Simplify collaboration, accelerate content reviews and approvals, and give visibility into entire projects.

  • Give contributors and stakeholders visibility and access to one cohesive content workstream — including agency, studio, marketing, legal, and management teams.
  • Understand the full scope and status of work across your organization, align resources and timelines to top business goals.
  • Accelerate the review and approval process with auditable proofing tools that update across applications.
  • Automate manual processes such as content brief generation, quality control, metadata tagging, and resourcing.

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Content creation and production

Scale creative output with generative AI.

Creatives and marketers can use generative AI to accelerate creative ideation and production.

  • Kickstart the creative process using simple text prompts to ideate and create content.
  • Automate content variations using generative AI to create, update, and remix images and copy.
  • Enable marketers to edit and tailor on-brand content for every channel, market, and audience.
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks, like changing backgrounds or resizing assets.

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Asset management

Intelligent asset management.

Easily find, edit, govern, and deliver assets using a digital asset management engine (DAM) powered by generative AI.

  • Search for assets through a centralized location or directly within the applications teams use every day.
  • Get extensive governance and digital rights management tools to ensure assets are brand and legal approved.
  • Map metadata from creative brief through delivery with AI-based smart tagging capabilities.
  • Integrate your DAM across your entire content supply chain.

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Delivery and activation

Deliver content to every audience.

Easily deliver new content to all channels through integrated applications.

  • Surface and activate assets faster in downstream applications with AI-powered metadata tagging.
  • Auto-generate and publish assets with unlimited renditions — including size, format, resolution, crop, and effect — across all screen sizes, devices, and channels.
  • Optimize every experience through AI-powered testing.
  • Evolve content strategies, optimize experiences, and improve ROI based on content performance.

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Reporting and insights

Measure content performance across the entire customer journey.

Give marketers tools to measure content usage and performance down to specific attributes so they can optimize.

  • Understand what content is being used across your team.
  • Aggregate data from across all your channels.
  • Understand content performance and conversion across audience segments and channels.
  • Get a granular understanding of performance, including page, asset, and attribute insights so you can fine-tune experiences.

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Adobe is the leader in content supply chain solutions.

In this Everest Group report, learn why Adobe was named a leader for content supply chain solutions and how businesses are adopting them.

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The Total Economic Impact™ of Adobe’s Content Supply Chain Solution.

Discover how a composite organization representative of interviewed customers achieved a 310% ROI, a reduction in costs, and an accelerated end-to-end content lifecycle.

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“Now we’re driving operational efficiencies and content velocity by connecting the tools the creative team is using to downstream marketing systems.”

Anna Hudes, Chief Product Officer, Prudential Financial

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Meet Adobe GenStudio.

Unite and accelerate your content supply chain with a single, generative AI-first application.

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