Go from manual to modern with automated onboarding.

Automated onboarding is all about making it fast and easy to enroll customers. Instead of manually transferring data or using pen and paper systems for approvals and signatures, you can integrate your forms data with your back-end tools and use workflows to track and monitor the approval process.

Put your onboarding on cruise control.

Digital transformation is happening across the globe, but too many businesses still have behind-the-scenes, manual processes when it comes to managing their forms and enrollment documents. This creates logjams in your workflows and slows onboarding approvals, creating a not-so-ideal customer experience.

It’s time to move your onboarding processes into the digital era. If you’re already using digital forms, there’s no good reason not to automate the process end-to-end. Doing so lets you avoid time-consuming rekeying of data and paper archival, while giving you a way to compliantly capture all data, including e-signatures for approvals, and integrate it into your back-end systems and reporting tools. 

Even when employees are in the field and offline — you can still digitally capture data on any device — and securely automate its distribution to the right systems and tools once they are back online. You’ll save time, your onboarding processes will be faster and smoother, and you’ll be able to capture new customers faster — which is the result you’re really after.

Adobe can help.

With Adobe Experience Manager Forms, every step of your forms and onboarding process — from creation all the way to approval — goes from complicated and time-consuming to simple and fast. That’s why we’ve created a way for you to integrate data collected on your online forms into your back-end systems and reporting tools.

Not only does it save you time, it reduces errors from manually rekeying in data. We keep everything digital, including compliant e-signatures and the capability to capture form data from any device. So now, you can fast track your form approvals and onboard more customers in less time.

“It’s not about making inefficient business processes more tolerable through automation. It’s about fundamentally optimizing our processes.”

Ralf Weller, Head of the University Computing Center, HTW Berlin

Automated Onbording Features

Electronic signatures

Simplify approval processes where multiple customers or approvers need to sign in parallel or sequentially with secure and legal e-signatures for any form or document, using any e-signature solution, like Adobe Sign.

Applications dashboard

Route application submissions through customized workflows and a centralized dashboard for review, approval, and digital signatures by back-office employees, even on the go.

Document of record

Automatically generate and deliver a PDF document and then archive it to your content management system or repository of your choice to easily maintain compliance.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Forms can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Forms can do for your business.