A personalized experience for every customer is possible. And expected.

Customers expect highly personalized experiences. But don’t let that scare you. With the right tools, you won’t work anymore than you already do. Get the right message, to the right customer, at the right time, on the right channel.

Make every experience personal with five capabilities.

Data and Analytics

Any personalization tactic is only as strong as the data underlying it. Consumers are entering the customer journey from so many different avenues, making Adobe Analytics and its ability to connect customer data from every channel vital. Adobe Audience Manager can then use the massive amounts of collected data to create a 360-degree view of unique customer personas. Predictive models and personalization algorithms can then drive real time personalization.

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“We use the power of our personal recommendations for that next artist or that next song and actually talk to you about it in an email campaign, a push notification, or other off-platform marketing.”

Chris Phillips, Chief Product Officer, Pandora

The 48% of marketers that have implemented personalization on their website and apps achieve double digit lift in revenue.

Creative and Content Management

Content creation must break free of traditional approaches or you risk breaking your creative teams. Adobe Experience Manager Assets is a digital asset management (DAM) system that seamlessly integrates with Adobe Experience Manager Sites, a content management system (CMS), and Adobe Creative Cloud. With these integrations, creative teams can own individual content blocks that are dynamically assembled with machine learning technology and pulled into the central decision engine.

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“[Adobe Experience Manager] helps us pre-build page elements so sites have consistency and content can be reused across several pages.”

Joost can Dun, Manager of .com Experience, Philips

80% of consumers would be more likely to do business with a company that offered personalized experiences.

Personalization and Decisioning

After the creation and tagging process, each content block can be sorted and assembled into Adobe Advertising Cloud or Adobe Experience Manager. With the help of Adobe Target, the centralized decisioning engine, all the combinations of blocks, layouts, and channels, will be selected into the single best option for every single customer. It’s kind of like a “personalization recipe” for your DAM that automatically target the right content to the right consumer in the right way.

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“Auto-Target is the most exciting feature out there. Once we set up an experience, [Adobe] will take over, using its machine learning to develop highly personalized algorithms that adjust over time.”

Nicolas Mériel, Senior Digital Strategist, Swisscom

Omnichannel shoppers make up 7% of customers but account for 27% of total sales.

Customer Experience

Customers navigate across many channels every day, sometimes even at the same time. Adobe Campaign can help you deliver advanced personalization programs that deploy cutting-edge tactics across owned and paid properties, so you can personalize every touchpoint of the user journey. It can access omnichannel customer data and predictive models, use microsegment targeting, and real time behavior-triggered actions — even by geographic locations.

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“Seventy-one percent of our customers use more than three channels to interact with us. And it’s actually us as a business waking up to that fact and providing solutions and experiences that reflect that omnichannel reality. We believe that relevant experiences delivered through the right channel are essential to building customer loyalty.”

Rob McLaughlin, Head of Digital Analytics, Sky

Online shoppers that engaged with a recommended product had a 70% higher conversion rate during that session, which turned to 55% upon return sessions.

Organization and Operating Models

A commitment to delivering personalization at scale requires an organization and operating model that can execute at an omnichannel level. You need dedicated teams that are consolidated across channels and functions that can operate with executive-level support. Personalization programs require you to organize by function, instead of channel specific strategies, so teams can build content that can be applied to and modified for all channels.


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