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Journey Optimizer Demo Series

Part 3: Content Authoring & Managing Assets

Price: Free
Length: 51 min

Join us for the conclusion of our Adobe Journey Optimizer Demo Webinar series! In part 3, we unveil Journey Optimizers powerful content authoring features and asset management capabilities. Learn how to elevate your content strategy like never before.

What’s will our Journey Optimizer experts will be talking about?

  • Content authoring for mobile channels. Learn how to effortlessly captivate your on-the-go audience with our content authoring tools.
  • See how you can create visually captivating emails that shine on any device, without the need for coding expertise.
  • Managing assets with AEM Assets Essential. Experience a streamlined workflow and bid farewell to the chaos of scattered files with the help of AEM Assets Essential.
  • Assets Essential meets Creative Cloud. Unleash Creativity. Leverage the integration between AEM Assets Essential and Creative Cloud for optimised working dynamics across your teams.

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Watch now

Event speakers

Jeremy J Wood

Head of Product Marketing


Virge Nielsen

Senior Solutions Consultant