Digital Asset Management Workflows

Get your assets to market sooner by easily creating workflows for planning, designing, reviewing, approving, and publishing. Just click to add users and select their roles, and the system automatically assigns tasks.

Let the work flow.

It takes multiple steps to prepare digital content to go live. Considering everything involved from initial planning to final publishing, it can seem like it takes a small army to do it all. When team members fail to receive tasks, or if assets get lost in the shuffle, bottlenecks occur and you lose valuable time.

With digital asset management workflows in Adobe Experience Manager Assets, you can streamline the work by managing all the steps in a workflow from within the repository where the content resides. Easily input assets, add users to projects, and assign roles. Then let Adobe Experience Manager Assets automatically assign the tasks required.

See what makes it work.

Customized workflows
Workflows can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. Choose from predefined workflows in Adobe Experience Manager Assets, or create your own workflows using drag-and-drop tools.

Leave feedback
Easily place feedback and annotations on work-in-progress tasks, including still images and videos, and using instant notifications to alert teammates of updates.

An all-in-one tool
Forget jumping from a separate content repository to another task or asset management system. With digital management asset workflows, every asset is housed within one system, streamlining project workflows.

Align tasks with the right users
Take the guesswork out of task management as digital management asset workflows automatically assigns tasks to users with the appropriate skills.

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Get the scoop on all things related to Adobe Experience Manager Assets in our documentation. 

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See how Adobe Experience Manager digital asset management workflow simplifies content creation from start to finish in our tutorial video.

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Asset check-out

Check out an asset and lock it so only you can edit, annotate, publish, or move it until you check it back in, ensuring no one can override your changes while you're working.


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มาพูดคุยกันว่า Adobe Experience Manager Assets สามารถทำอะไรให้ธุรกิจของคุณได้บ้าง