AI-powered Emails

Powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe Campaign analyzes and predicts open rates, optimal send times, and probable churn based on historical engagement metrics.


Make the most out of your data to increase customer engagement.

Inboxes are full of emails competing for customers’ attention, and you ideally want to send an email with an appealing subject line at an appropriate time that compels customers to open your email. At the same time, you want to make sure you're not overwhelming your customers with too many communications.

To increase customer engagement, leverage Adobe Sensei to help you predict the best send-time for each recipient. Adobe Campaign also enables you to intelligently filter customers who are predicted to opt out of your communications based on messaging patterns in the past.


See what makes it work

Predictive Send-time Optimization (NEW)
Adobe Campaign Predictive Send Time Optimization, powered by Journey AI, predicts the best time to send emails to each individual in a campaign to maximize engagement rates and improve email campaign ROI.
Predictive Engagement Scoring (NEW)
Adobe Campaign Predictive Engagement Scoring powered by Journey AI, intelligently identifies customers preferred level of engagement to better target and personalize messages to increase conversions and retention.