Enterprise-grade Metadata

Enterprise-grade metadata lets you streamline the addition of metadata and improve your ability to find assets. Define cascading metadata fields for faster and more accurate cataloging. Import metadata in bulk from any third-party system or file, and quickly export completed metadata for use in other applications.


Entering your metadata has never been so simple.

A large asset library can be incredibly difficult to manage without appropriately defined metadata. Without a robust and streamlined taxonomy, importing, categorizing, and exporting assets becomes a huge burden, and content becomes difficult to find. An immense repository can quickly devolve into a heap of unorganized files.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets offers enterprise-grade metadata tools that streamlines the addition of metadata. It offers robust contextual rules and cascading metadata fields that DAM administrators can define, which only appear when their parent fields are populated. It can also define and enforce required metadata fields. For example, if you clicked “Licensed required,” the asset’s copyright information, usage terms, and expiration become required fields. The result is more accurate cataloging, which increases the velocity at which your teams can find, personalize, and deliver assets.


See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.

Robust cascading metadata
Advanced metadata management allows users to create cascading field rules to form contextual relationships between metadata in Adobe Experience Manager Assets for faster and more accurate cataloging.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets has robust, intuitive metadata tools to make it easier to map complex metadata values and set required fields.

Import and export with speed
Our powerful metadata tools allow you to import bulk metadata quickly from any third-party system or file, and export data for use in other applications with the same speed.

Learn more about enterprise-grade metadata in Adobe Experience Manager Assets. | Create cascading metadata fields.

Create cascading metadata fields.

Learn how easy it is to add cascading metadata to an asset in our tutorial video.

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Increase your ROI.

Read how an IDC study shows Adobe Experience Manager Assets customers have seen an average 3-year ROI of 366 percent in our Adobe blog.

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