The value of a CDP with the power of Adobe.

With Adobe Experience Platform, you can ingest all your customer data — unknown and known — and stitch it together with unparalleled governance and intelligence to create a real-time customer profile. Then, with integrated capabilities from Adobe Audience Manager, activate that profile in real time to meet your customer data platform (CDP) needs and deliver personalized experiences across every touch point.

Deliver real personalization with real-time customer profiles.

Customer data platforms (CDPs) get a lot of attention today from businesses looking to make great customer experiences. These companies struggle with data sitting in silos from hundreds — maybe thousands — of sources. This makes truly connected, personalized customer experiences almost impossible. Individual applications and channels work with what they have, but are blind to huge chunks of customer insight.

We help you solve these challenges without the need for a separate, point solution that adds complexity and bulk to your stack. By combining the power of Adobe Experience Platform with specific features of Adobe Audience Manager, companies can bring together known and unknown data to activate customer profiles with intelligent decisioning throughout the customer journey. This allows them to unify data from across the enterprise — from CRM and loyalty systems to web analytics and media performance — to build rich profiles and audiences. Industry-leading tools for data governance, identity management, advanced segmentation, and data science are built in so customers can rationalize their raw data assets and transform these building blocks into valuable profiles and audiences. Finally, our connectivity to a vast ecosystem of partners — not to mention native integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud — makes it seamless to activate these audiences and deliver great customer experiences across all channels, from on-site or in-app personalization to email, paid media, call centers, connected devices, and more.

Adobe can help.

• Achieve a single view of the customer with streaming collection of customer data from across the enterprise.

• Responsibly manage profiles with trusted governance and privacy controls for known and unknown identifiers.

• Generate actionable insights and scale audiences with AI and machine learning powered by Adobe Sensei and built for marketers.

• Deliver personalized experiences in real-time across all channels and destinations, from cookie- and device-based to people-based environments.

Adobe does more than traditional CDPs.

Customer data platforms have emerged to solve a very real need for companies, but isolated, point solutions simply can't deliver the value that customers are looking for.

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Real-time customer profile

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Complete known and unknown data

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