Profiles and segmentation

Bring together time spent on site, browser history, age, gender, loyalty status, and more with Adobe Target. Then store it all in one progressive profile. Import your own data, like CRM, into the profile for an even larger understanding of your customer.


All of your data in one place.

Your customers come at you from every angle – and too often that leaves you with a fragmented view of your audiences. With so many data sources, managing a consistent experience can be a challenge, especially as your audience grows.

With profiles and segmentation in Adobe Target, it’s easy to build a unified visitor profile – one large enough to store as many customer attributes as you need. Once consolidated in a single visitor profile, recognize your customer during every interaction, from any device or browser, to deliver a consistent experience from all directions.


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Unified visitor profiles
You’re in control of data collection. Whether it’s from first-, second-, or third-party sources, bring it all together in a progressive profile that can store up to 200 customer attributes.

Real-time progressive profiles
With every interaction, regardless of the touchpoint, Adobe Target learns more and improves the customer profile. No matter which touchpoint, you can know it’s the same customer and deliver an experience tailored just for them.

Category affinity
Capture the categories a user visits and use them for future targeting and segmentation. Category affinity is just one of the many profile attributes that are collected and scored out-of-the-box.

Analytics integration
Integrating Adobe Target with Adobe Analytics lets you personalize more deeply, letting you drive real data-driven optimization on your website with a unified view. This in turn accelerates your business, as you text experiences against KPIs and KBOs, outlined by your organization's strategy teams, that are already being tracked in Analytics. Learn more in our tips and tricks guide for Analytics in Target.

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Learn more about profiles and segmentation in Adobe Target.

Discover the power of visitor profiles.

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Know how to build your audiences.

See how to creaudiencesate audience segments using complete customer profiles in this tutorial video.

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Combine multiple audiences.

Read our documentation to learn how to select multiple ad hoc audiences and create exclusion rules, even during activity creation and execution.

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