Employee skills training

Stay ahead of your competition and build a highly skilled and informed workforce with course recommendations powered by AI and machine learning.

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Create a culture of continuous improvement.

Adobe Learning Manager encourages proactive employee reskilling through AI-informed, automated learning journeys and social learning, including points, certifications, and badges, while giving managers the data they need to assign resources effectively.


Give your employees new and better skills.

Build large scale learning programs with custom and off-the-shelf content delivered anywhere and anytime. Execute continuous learning plans to develop and help your employees succeed.

  • Seamless content consumption with Fluidic Player
  • Learn anywhere – on mobile and web, offline or online​
  • Deliver self-paced and instructor-led learning​
  • Ready to use content from the content marketplace with 86,000 courses​
  • Multi-tenant architecture for employees and contractors

Personalize the training journey.

Identify skill gaps and deliver personalized learning with custom learner dashboards, learning paths, and gamified engagements to redefine the employee skilling experience.

  • AI-powered content recommendations
  • Personalized learner dashboards, guided learning and certifications​
  • Admin and manager recommended training
  • Gamification and social learning at every step

Get insights from in-depth reporting.

Energize your enterprise with reskilling programs that are powered by learner data and insights. Get accurate reports that reveal learner’s progress and create actionable information, in-line with your business goals.

  • Track employee and team learning performance​
  • Identify skill gaps and recommend action by managers​
  • Track engagement scores
  • Reward performance with points and badges

Leveraging Technology to Reskill Employees at Scale

The Brandon Hall Group analyzed the role of technology in employee training. Here’s what they found.

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