Triggered Emails

Automate transactional emails like password resets or order confirmations. Or integrate Adobe Campaign with Adobe Analytics to trigger real-time remarketing emails based on individual user actions (and non-actions) on your emails, apps or websites.


Customer actions speak volumes. It’s time to listen.

Automate manual email processes at scale — from birthday or anniversary messages, to order confirmations, registrations and password resets. Prompt your customers to write reviews and social shares and introduce people to your brand through a new subscriber email welcome series. And to set your messages apart, trigger your emails off of contextual clues like purchase or browsing behaviour to help your customers find what they’re looking for and finish what they started.

To encourage customers to finish key tasks like watching a video, filling in an itinerary or making a purchase, integrate Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign to trigger emails off of high-value signals like email click-throughs, page visits or session behaviour. Customised remarketing emails can be triggered based on user actions, abandonments or session rules, giving you more opportunities to win back customers.


See what makes it work

Reengage in real time
Triggered emails integrate with information systems through the Adobe Campaign Message Centre to turn customer actions into personalised emails delivered in real time.
Adobe Analytics integration
With Adobe Analytics in the mix, you can gain a deeper understanding of customer intentions and take advantage of a variety of web or mobile-based triggers. This leads to better experiences that prove you know exactly what your customers want, when they want it.

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Innovate through integration.

Discover how to push your campaigns further by integrating with Adobe Analytics in this tutorial video.

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