The best experiences start with customer data unification.

You have mountains of customer data. And chances are, it's stored across different systems, making it hard to organise customer data and really understand your customers. Tap into Adobe Experience Platform Unified Profile and its unified, complete and centrally accessible profile — and start delivering the personalised experiences they expect.



Understand your customers.
Know your customers' behaviours and attributes when you organise customer data — behavioural, transactional, financial and operations — together into complete profiles.

Enhance your personalisation.
Access profiles from Adobe Experience Cloud and other marketing solutions and use them to deliver the right experiences to the right people at the right moment.

Get all the data. And all the details.
Customer data unification captures massive amounts of behavioural data but maintains the freedom to attribute that data at granular levels to unlimited first- and third-party data sources.

Recency, not just frequency.
Pull in real-time data so your profile is always up to date and your insights are always relevant.

Adobe Experience Platform Data Science Workspace is in beta today and will be available in 2019.

Data Ingestion

Find clarity in the data.

Data is the crucial foundation to building a unified profile. Collect and organise customer information from various enterprise repositories, including CRM, first-party, third-party, e-commerce, off-line, loyalty, behavioural, web, email and social interaction data. Then cleanse and prepare that data for use in building enterprise data models.

Unified Edge
Access common data at the edge for near real-time access as well as light computation on and using data available on the edge.
Edge Consolidation
After gaining access to edge data, consolidate all that data into your repository.
Real-Time Data
Support near real-time data ingestion and updates to stay current on incoming data and insights.
Ad Hoc Query
Use APIs and SDKs for CRUD and ad hoc query capabilities.
ETL Technology
Use ETL (extract, transform and load) technologies to activate data ingestion.

Access and Activation

Identity Resolution
Match individual identities from all data using deterministic and probabilistic algorithms to start building a central profile view of your customers.
Central profile Store
Load identity-resolved data assets into a central profile store that’s built to serve the needs for various use cases.
Use real-time segmentation to act on a stream of events that contain behavioural data, removing delays and allowing you to distribute segments by geographies.
Activate Experiences
Turn data and segments into action, whether that’s through personalisation or advertising platforms. Get a consistent view of these customer profiles no matter where they are.
Segment Analytics Data
Turn segments from Adobe Analytics into campaign segments that can be used in campaign-creation platforms.
Use data from Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign to personalise mobile experiences.
Real-Time Delivery
Deliver last-millisecond experiences between a customer’s action and decision.
Real-Time Customer Profile lets you connect with external third-party solutions that you may already be using.

Build. Store. Segment. Act.

A central customer profile is only useful when you start acting on the rich data it contains. With Real-Time Customer Profile, you can match identities, store profiles, segment audiences and more, so you can turn data into actionable insights. And start building data-driven personalisation.

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