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Adobe Marketo Engage seamlessly integrates with your existing technology to unlock more powerful marketing capabilities. With access to every Adobe integration partner, you’ll always have the tools you need.


Seamless extensibility is the key to future growth.

Integrating a new solution can feel daunting; your team is already using dozens if not hundreds of unique products and solutions and making sure everything plays nicely together can be an extremely time-consuming and frustrating process.

Modern companies looking to upgrade their marketing capabilities need turnkey solutions that are purpose-built to integrate with what already works. A new marketing automation platform should enhance your existing solutions, not hobble it. The ideal solution is one that already integrates with your most important tools like CRM, Google, Facebook and various mobile app, while also making the most of your existing data and bringing new tools, tricks and functionality to the table.


Adobe can help.

Adobe Marketo Engage is built to integrate with everything you already use and everything you’re going to need for the future — and it’s built to do it without any lost functionality. Pre-built, turnkey integrations for your most important tools let you hit the ground running without weeks of set-up or costly downtime.

With Marketo Engage integrations, you can scale your existing workflow automations and use your existing segments, campaign actions and automated web hooks to activate integrated functionality. Data partner integrations enrich lead and account profiles, generating enhanced, actionable insights that fine-tune your marketing actions.

Marketo Engage likewise strengthens efficiency and communication across teams by integrating applications, creating a free-flowing exchange of data, insights, communication and workflow automations. Marketing and Sales become a single, synchronised team laser focused on conversion, while creative and marketing teams speed campaign production time by collaborating without leaving their preferred applications. And everyone benefits from the ability to easily add new integrations as-needed, so your teams always have the best tool for the job.


101% increase

Sales development revenue pipeline using CRM integration.


71% increase

Opportunities created using LinkedIn Advertising integration.


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“We went through an exhaustive process and selected Marketo Engage because we were excited about their functionality. Particularly their ability to capture and integrate behavioural information with our Microsoft CRM data.”

Vincent Ircandia
Vice President of Business Analytics, Portland Trail Blazers

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Adobe Marketo Engages connects directly to your most valuable tools, including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and CRMs among others.

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