Automated offers

Automate large-scale testing and experimentation with multiple machine-learning methods, powered by Adobe Sensei, to identify the best-performing offer for each visitor.


Powerful personalisation. Fuelled by AI.

Every site visitor is unique — and every visitor wants to be engaged and activated on their terms. But with traditional rules-based targeting, it’s impossible to deliver meaningful experiences, especially at a large scale.

By tapping the power of machine learning with Adobe Sensei, automated offers in Adobe Target help brands create the ideal personalised customer experience every time, to every customer, no matter how big your audience base is. Target also uses artificial intelligence to help you to see and compare how your offers are performing so you can determine which one works the best for each visitor — and then deliver a spot-on experience that compels them to take action.


See what makes it work.

AI-driven offer delivery
Let the algorithm discover and deliver the offer that resonates most with each visitor every time.

Flexible traffic allocation
Choose the best traffic allocation that works for your goal. You could evaluate personalisation algorithms, maximise the personalisation traffic or set the traffic manually.

Open personalisation model
Off-line data, such as CRM information or customer propensity scores, can be incredibly valuable when building personalisation models.

Personalisation insights
Gain deeper insight into how your personalisation works with our Important Attributes report. It gives you a list of the most influential profile attributes that are driving automated personalisation decisions. Make better decisions by understanding which traits or profiles are most important in driving ROI.

Automated segment creation
Every visitor is unique and doesn’t always fall within predefined segments or personas. With Automated Segments, powered by Adobe Sensei, discover which profile attributes are really driving success for your offers and experiences. See how multiple attributes can combine to create brand new segments.

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