A digital commerce solution for any business need.

If you’re selling products online, you need a digital commerce platform that can go the distance. Scalable, omnichannel and endlessly versatile, Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, is your all-in-one digital commerce solution. Learn how it can provide the solutions your business needs, whatever your size or industry.

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What you'll learn


Benefits of Adobe Commerce.

With Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, you’re supported by a global ecosystem of merchants, partners and developers. They’ll bring your vision to life and offer digital commerce solutions for every need. Benefits include:


  • Create rich experiences on desktop and mobile with easy drag-and-drop Page Builder.
  • Support multiple brands and sites across B2B and B2C with an endless aisle of inventory.
  • Enjoy the latest software and security features with real-time updates in the cloud.
  • Empower customers to buy from any channel or device and fulfil those orders in the same omnichannel way.
  • Better understand your sales data with metrics around average order value and much more.
  • Explore thousands of extensions to create a commerce platform that’s customized for you.


How our digital commerce platform solves your problems.

Solutions to suit your business – big or small.

Whatever your business need or industry, we’ve got you covered. From affordable monthly subscriptions for small businesses to enterprise-grade capabilities for global expansion. Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, delivers a powerful all-in-one digital commerce solution - scalable, affordable, and endlessly customizable.


Creating a B2C experience for B2B clients.

Some 93% of B2B buyers prefer to purchase online, direct from vendors. They demand an easy, intuitive online buying and account management experience that’s so good it feels like B2C. If your digital commerce platform can’t meet these demands, your competitors’ will.
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Rooted in omnichannel digital commerce.

Omnichannel business is no longer an option. From laptop to smartphone to in-store, people want to buy what they want, from wherever they want, at the price they want. Our digital commerce platform offers the right products, services, and partners to help you achieve omnichannel success.

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Solid foundations for global expansion.

It’s time to invest in commerce operations abroad – but the idea can seem daunting. Launching an international digital commerce site can take up valuable time and resources, and missteps can be costly. Drive global expansion with Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento.

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Agile enough for digital transformation.

Your success depends on your agility – being prepared for anything. You must seize opportunities to stand out, and be ready to overcome obstacles, from competition to changing technologies. All while balancing internal timelines and budgets. Smooth this transition with Adobe digital commerce platforms.

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Digital commerce designed for mobile.

Mobile commerce is set to grow 68% by 2022, according to an eMarketer report[1]. The future is mobile, and Adobe Commerce helps businesses build the foundations. Creating a fast and affordable mobile-ready site, for example, is critical for growth.
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Migrating to Adobe Commerce 2.

The demands of today’s shoppers strain the capabilities of yesterday’s digital commerce platforms. Now more than ever, a next-generation solution is needed to meet – and exceed – consumer expectations. Migrating to Adobe Commerce 2 will open up dramatic business potential for your Adobe Commerce 1 store.

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Adobe – the digital commerce platform for any industry.


Create shopping experiences that celebrate your products and reflect the uniqueness of your brand. Delight your fashion customers and boost profits with Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento – the flexible commerce platform tailored for you.

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Health and beauty.

Technological advances and the rise of digital beauty influencers have created a boom for online beauty shopping. To capitalize on this strong growth, harness the latest digital commerce solutions to create stunning shopping experiences.

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Food and beverage.

Thanks to the boom in specialty foods and customers’ desire to avoid the checkout line at the grocery store, the industry is set for a digital commerce revolution. We have all the ingredients you need to create a thriving food and beverage online store.

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Selling cars, parts, and accessories involves hundreds of different manufacturers, models, and release years, creating millions of choices. Yet customers expect a simple, seamless experience that feels as easy as buying a smartphone.

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Get started with a digital commerce platform.

It’s easy to get started with Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento. We have a wide range of resources to help – whether you’re starting from scratch, migrating from a third-party platform or from Adobe Commerce 1 to 2.


  • Browse our current product availability to learn how to download your platform.
  • Next, read our User Guide for instructions on how to set up your site.
  • If you’re migrating from Adobe Commerce 1 to Adobe Commerce 2 – read this guide.



What’s the difference between eCommerce and digital commerce?

Where eCommerce often relates to sales only, digital commerce refers to the wider practice of selling goods and services online. This could include marketing, digital infrastructure, promotion and analytics. Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, offers all of this in one, easy-to-use solution.


What are the pros and cons of digital commerce?

Digital commerce has major advantages for many businesses. These include:


  • Access to a global market – don’t be tied down by the location of your bricks-and-mortar location.
  • Customer insights – get greater understanding of your consumer behavior and trends.
  • Low overheads – with no rent, bills or other costs associated with a physical location, your business is streamlined and efficient.


However, there are disadvantages to consider too:


  • Lack of personalized service – while there are many flourishes you can add to your digital service, you might struggle to replicate in-person shopping experiences.
  • No tactile experiences – in certain industries, like fashion and motoring, some customers prefer the experience of testing products before buying them.
  • Competition – with easier price comparisons between retailers, customers may quickly find a cheaper vendor for your products.


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