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  • 1 Competition Drives Digital Marketing In The High-Tech Industry.
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Competition Drives Digital Marketing In The High-Tech Industry.

How are high-tech organisations countering intense competition? What are their challenges and priorities as they shift their organisations to digital? This summer, Adobe ('s parent company) partnered with Ovum to take a closer look at the strategies high-tech organisations are pursuing to get ahead. Interviews with more than 300 high-tech marketing leaders across the globe shed light on the driving forces behind their digital-marketing investments and strategies. 

One of the key findings in the resulting report, "Digital Marketing in the High-Tech Industry," has to do with the industry's highly competitive nature. Participants were asked to rate both the current and expected levels of competition—with 10 being the highest level and 1 being the lowest. The weighted average "intensity" level was 7.64, with 60% of the respondents scoring the competitive level between 8 and 10. To put this into context, in a study of the notoriously competitive telecommunications industry earlier this year, only 43% of the respondents scored the competitive intensity between 8 and 10.

Digital leaders also identified the top factors contributing to this competition, their biggest concerns and how they prioritise internal partnerships. (Hint: Focus has shifted away from IT.)   

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