Embracing Cross-Border Commerce - Learn how these businesses did it

About the Guide

Do you think cross-border commerce is too risky for your business? Or too complex to implement without losing money? If so, think again.

We asked Magento partners Akeneo, DHL, Signifyd, Vertex and Worldpay to share real success stories featuring companies that are using technology to grow across borders. Titled, How They Did It, our collection of case studies features:

  • An online fashion retailer that grew from 8 markets to 70 in three years
  • An international flooring solutions provider
  • A leading furniture retailer that used modern fraud prevention technologies to improve the customer experience and jumpstart cross-border growth
  • An omnichannel gift store operator that automated tax collection in 35 jurisdictions to support growth
  • An international brand that increased sales by changing their cross-border payment strategies

Ready to learn how real-world businesses are winning with cross-border commerce? Download the case study collection today.

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