Embracing the Value of Direct To Consumer Commerce

About the Webinar

How brands are driving growth by engaging end-users directly.

At present, the global retail economy is constrained unlike any time in recent history. Now, traditional wholesale businesses are driving growth by engaging end customers directly via digital channels. However, many brands don’t understand buyer expectations or how to build a consumer-friendly experience.

Join us for Embracing the Value of Direct To Consumer Commerce, on 25th August, at 10.00 a.m. TP and 1.00 p.m. ET. Guest speakers Joe Cicman and Emily Pfeiffer, Senior Analysts with Forrester, will discuss the value potential of a dual wholesale and direct-to-consumer commerce approach with Chris Guerra, Co-CEO of Blue Acorn iCi and Peter Sheldon, Senior Director Commerce Strategy at Adobe.

  • Learn why B2B wholesalers are actively embracing direct-to-consumer (D2C) retail

  • How eCommerce architecture is evolving with hybrid commerce models

  • Growing a consumer-friendly experience for your B2B and D2C audiences

  • Take part in a live Q&A session with the webinars featured speakers

Retailers are constantly under pressure to future-proof their omnichannel strategies to stay ahead of the competition. But often their existing supply chain can't cope with their customers' expectations for a seamless experience. Endless Aisle has been heralded as the answer to a successful omnichannel strategy, but it brings with it certain challenges.

In this webinar about the endless aisle you'll discover:

  • The true business impact of adopting Endless Aisle in your omnichannel strategy
  • How not to become "the everything store"
  • Tips for correct order management
  • Plus a look at your unique requirements
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